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Mind cheating

“I was thinking about Peter while you were fucking me last time” – my wife said to me.

I remember that, suddenly she just closed her eyes and smiled while I was in her. Then she came intensively, thinking about Peter as she told me later.

It must sound strange, but It had turned me so much, knowing that my wife was cheating in her mind having sex with me. I love when she keeps me on the “second place”…

PS. We are still alive, happy and loving couple 🙂

PS2. We are also active on as the “Canduals”, trying to share cuckoldry idea as well as our private movies with the Polish audience. I will try to put those movies here too. You may check our profile on

PS3. We will be back here with lot of new stuff, I promise 🙂

Sperm-stained bedding

Our bedding is stained with sperm of a guy who fucked her last week. Also Peter fucked her in that bed last Saturday (the stories will be posted very soon).

“I saw sperm stains on our bedding, it’s so funny they are there!” – my wife said.

“I love that I can sleep in the bedding that smells with the guys who have fucked you… and those stains… I love them!” – I said and added quickly – “…aren’t you disgusted with that I love to sleep in a sperm and sweat stained bedding?”

“Why should I? I swallow it so why would it disgust me?” – she replied.

Double fuck for Kitty

It’s been a while guys 🙂 I had a really busy time… but Kitty didn’t waste her time. She had TWO meetings, each one with a lot of sex. I’ll post the stories in two separate posts, because they need an individual approach. But for now… please enjoy her beauty on a pic from our brand new photo shoot 🙂

Kissing on the dance floor

Three weeks ago my wife went to her parent’s house to spend the weekend with them. She also got in plans to go out with the girls on Saturday night. Her mother generally is a bit suspicious about her daughter (my wife) and suspects that she is cheating on me, what is a fact as you know. They had a dinner and her mother asked my wife:

“Do you want some garlic sauce?” – her mother asked.

“No Mum, I want to kiss tonight” – my wife said, what was truth, because she wanted to pick up a guy for sex that night. Her mother smiled and tried to think that her daughter, a married woman, joked. She wasn’t.

Later that evening, Kitty and her friends went to a club. There was a new girl with them – Amy, who was one of Kitty’s friend’s friend. She met Kitty for the first time, but knew that she has been married for a long time.

The girls did a little “before party” at Amy’s house. They drank rum with cola and some whiskey. A dangerous mix, if you know what I mean 😉

At the club, my wife was having fun at the dance floor. A very young, tall and handsome guy started to dance with her. He was behind and she was dancing in front. They were having a little smalltalk and the guy disappeared. He went for a drink with his buddies.

After a while, he was dancing with my wife again. They were in the middle of the dance floor, dancing sensually. He was kissing my wife deep and put his hand in her panties. He was touching her ass, grabbing it and pulling to himself. She was feeling his erected penis as he was pushing it into her pubic mound.

It all happened in front of all my wife’s friends. They have seen everything, but Amy was shocked. She asked her friend if it was true that Kitty had a husband? She got “yes” as an answer. She couldn’t stop staring at my wife with that guy and was so shocked and disgusted of my wife’s behavior. Frankly, my wife didn’t do anything that wrong, she didn’t even give that guy a hand job on the dance floor (what she did once to a guy).

Sadly, the guy was too drunk to take my wife to a hotel and pound her filthy cunt… 🙁

Vasectomy for the cucky

“Kitty, I think about having a vasectomy. You don’t treat me as a man anymore and you know that I am ok with that. Being sterile I wouldn’t be able to impregnate you so you wouldn’t have to take pills or use any other contraception. Me being sterile would fit better to our relationship…”
– I asked my wife.

“That makes no sense, because I sleep not only with you, I must use contraception.” – she said.

“Oh, yes, you are right…”

“Besides, if I get pregnant, then it will be known that the child is not yours. I like this feeling of uncertainty who could be a father.”

“You are pissed off because they earn much more than you and they fuck your wife?”

My wife is a real star at her company she works. She is very smart, intelligent and has a high position. She works mainly with men and they adore her very much. Two of her close coworkers are her regular lovers and the next two will be them sooner or later.

It’s funny how they compete with each other for my wife’s favors. They even work at nights just to complete the tasks my wife asks them to do, which aren’t urgent but they want to impress my wife. I think she should have a bonus from her boss because she motivates those guys better than any other things could.

Her lovers from work, don’t know that the other one has an affair with my wife, so there are often funny situations (I’ll write about it another time). The next guy my wife wants to fuck is a friend of her lover and she thinks he knows everything. That’s good, because my wife likes him very much and wants to “know him better”.

She uses to tell me about them almost every day. She tells me funny stories from her work day, the things they did or how they were picking her up. I like to hear when they tell my wife on her ear, after official meetings, that they want to fuck her cunt or put their cocks in her mouth…

One day she told me about how much the guys at her work earn… They earn from two to three times more than I do. That made me jealous about her even more… She noticed that and said:

“So what? It pisses you off because they earn much more than you and in addition they fuck your wife?”- she asked me with a mocking smile.

“Yes… I thought that maybe ‘as a provider’ I am better than them…”

“You silly… You are not better than them. The only thing you are better is that you belong to me and you are my personal pet and you can serve me whenever I want. ” – she said.

“Oh, I understand… Maybe you’d rather be with a man like them?” – I asked.

“If I did not have you, I would be a single, but I like to have such a submissive sissy by my side. You are no better than them and you’ll never be. That’s why they fuck me. But that’s ok, I don’t want you to be like them. ” – she replied.

“Are you sure? Are you ok with that I am such a sissy?”

“I wouldn’t like to live with a guy like them. When I’m horny I want that kind of man to fuck me, but I don’t want to live with him under one roof. I like a sissy like you at home. You obey me and serve me as I want. I’m happy with that” – she told me and gave me her foot to kiss.

“I wonder which of my lovers will put a baby in me?”

I was in bed with my wife. She knew that my balls were full, so she decided to milk me for a healthy reasons.

“Put a condom on” – she said. I hoped that she would allow me to fuck her, but it didn’t happen. When I was done, she put her hand under the quilt and started to milk me. She was quiet and thinking about something else while doing it. Suddenly she said to me:

“I wonder which of my lovers will put a baby in me?”

My heart accelerated in a second.

“Maybe it will be me?” – I asked her.

“…you are not the man who will give me a baby, you know that.”

“…yes, I know… so, I think maybe Mike is the one… He is so masculine and he turns you on so much…” – I hardly replied.

“No, I think that maybe Peter will do it. He makes love with me so tenderly.” – she said and I couldn’t stand longer and I spurted my load into the condom.

My wife being pregnant with another man’s child is a huge turn on for me, but it is also a way for me to get used to the idea that this can happen considering our cuckold lifestyle. I must say that I feel comfortable with that…

“I saw your profile on Tinder”

Two days ago, my wife received a message on Messenger from our mutual friend. He knows my family and we meet on parties or at my dad’s home.

“Hi, it may seem weird to you, but what the fuck do I care… I saw your profile on Tinder… Well, I always was impressed by you, the way you look… so if you want to meet, to know each other closer, I would do it with pleasure 🙂 If not, then this conversation never happened and it stays only between us.”

I have to inform you that he DOESN’T know that we live in a cuckold relationship. He thought that my wife cheats on me behind my back. He wanted to fuck her and still meet with all of my family and pretend that nothing is going on between him and my wife. Do I have to tell you that my cock almost broke the bars of my chastity cage and I felt that I’m going to cum without touching, just thinking of it?

“Do you want to fuck with him?” – I asked my wife.

“The situation is very hot, but he doesn’t look hot enough for me…”

So my wife answered him that “we live in a cuckold relationship (that’s why she has Tinder profile) but she doesn’t fuck with our mutual friends” – what is a lie but sound better than “if I wanted to fuck with you, we would text by Tinder not by FB Messenger”.

My wife keeps the high quality of guys who are allowed to stick cocks in her pussy…

Brand new webpage :)

We did it 🙂 After Tumblr told us (and thousands of NSFW bloggers) to get the f..k out, we were confused about what to do next? On Tumblr we had many of followers, some of them became a good internet friends of us… and suddenly it ended…

After a research we created pages on MeWe and Twitter but we had a big archive of posts and pictures we wanted to show. The other thought was if MeWe one day will ban nsfw content, then should we start again? So we decided to run our own website. All new content will go there and will be promoted on MeWe and Twitter. That will keep it safe from the risk of policy changes on those social platforms. It lasted a month but we did it and the website is available 🙂

On our new website you’ll find ALL blog posts from our Tumblr with all the pictures (divided into two main categories: photo shoots and daily photos).

Please comment the pictures and the posts. That gives us motivation to post new content 🙂

Thank you for being with us 🙂

The company’s Christmas party

“If you want, you can ask Peter to give you a ride home after the party and you could give him a blowjob at our place. I will also put a towel next to your pillow if you would want to have sex with him but you’ll be afraid to stain the sheets because of your ending menstruation” – I texted my wife today.
“That’s a very good idea! I’ll do that. Thank you honey for being such a good husband and doing this for me. You’re the best husband in the world  I love you :*” – she replied.

Party starts in 1,5 hours. I have to clean the flat, buy wine for them and prepare to leave when my wife will call me that they are on the way to our place.

Small talk the day before the company’s party

“I will do Peter a blowjob in the toilet tomorrow” – my wife said an hour ago as she was preparing clothes for tomorrow’s “Christmas party” at her office. Peter, her lover, will be there. Unfortunately she has a menstruation, so Peter will be able to use only my wife’s mouth tomorrow.
“I will put on this short dress” – she showed me the dress, really short one – “In it it will be easier for me to kneel before Peter”. 

Will Mike be jealous of me?

I asked my wife, if Mike, her new lover, won’t be jealous that she has a husband?

“I’ll tell Mike that I love my husband very much, but he is a pathetic, submissive sissy and I don’t find any pleasure having sex with him. That will calm him, you know, he is very dominant and shouldn’t treat you as a competitor. Besides, that’s the truth, isn’t it?” – she said.

Follow us on MeWe

I just created a page on MeWe. I think it may be a good place to keep sharing stories and photos of my wife 😉 Please follow us on MeWe:

No more porn on Tumblr :(

Saturday, December 15, 2018

I looked through the posts on our blog and I see that some of them are not marked by Tumblr to be removed 🙂 So maybe I’ll be still posting here (with sfw pics of my wife’s feet and legs) 🙂
Now I am finishing my work on our personal webpage. It will be available next week. You’ll find there all blog’s posts archive and photo galleries.
We are also on Twitter (@FootsieHotwife) and I’m doing a research on other platforms. I’ll be sending updates!

FootsieHotwife moves to Twitter

Dear fans of my slutty wife!

Due to changes in Tumblr’s policy, since the 17th of December 2018 no erotic and porn content will be allowed. There will be no more pics of Kitty’s tits, pussy, ass nor even feet… All the posts are marked by Tumblr to be removed…

…but it doesn’t mean that the story of Kitty and her slutty adventures ends!

I have a full backup of all posts and pictures and soon I will move the content to a new place. The blog will be available at 

I need a couple of days to run the new website, but I have a lot of new ideas so our blog will be taken to the next level 🙂

To stay in touch please follow us on Twitter @FootsieHotwife I will be sending a new content there and will inform you about the updates!

It were two great years of writing about my wife and chatting with you! I met a lot of friends here…

I wrote 955 posts and uploaded 2218 pics of my wife. The blog had 7124 followers.

Thank you for being with us and see you on Twitter and!

I almost forgot that I took this pic! It was three days ago and it shows my wife after an intensive orgasm that she had by being pounded from behind. She was resting ass up and I quickly took my smartphone and took this pic. Look at her swollen labia 🙂

It was my lucky and unlucky day at once. Unlucky, because my wife had a date but it didn’t end up with sex, so she was disappointed and a bit angry. Lucky, because she was so turned on by her lover, that she desperately wanted to have sex. She didn’t care with whom, only the nearest cock around was what she needed. So she brought the key and uncaged me and said:

“That’s your lucky day, you have to give me what Peter didn’t. I could have a great sex with him, but it ended up with you. Don’t waste your chance, puppy!”

I was so nervous, I barely remembered how a pussy feels like…I was afraid that I would ejaculate before I could put my cock in her… I tried very hard… I had licked her good until she came and then fucked her missionary. Then she pushed me away and turned ass up. I saw that beautiful ass before me and that labia swollen by lust. She wanted me to fuck her from behind… I put my cock in her and started to fuck. I knew that she was thinking about Peter, she wouldn’t let me fuck herself from behind in other case. I was trying to focus on something else and not to cum, but she started to push her ass on me, harder and quicker. She was moaning so loud and then… she came so hard. I couldn’t stand it and also came in her pussy…

I knew that in her head she didn’t have sex with me. But I’m glad that I was useful for her that evening. I am also so happy that I fucked my wife… That she let me do it…

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The everyday’s morning inspection – that is how it looks like. This time I was lucky, because when I asked my wife if I can take a photo to post it on the blog, she kneeled and licked my caged dicklette. She did it only because she knew that it was going to be posted on the blog 🙂

The morning ritual is as always: I get up, go to the bathroom, lock the cock and show it to my wife for an inspection. 

She likes the control she has over me and also enjoys humiliating me. She also know, that locking me is for my good, so I could focus on my work rather that touching myself. 

Your hotwife should have two regular lovers, so she can get laid, well fucked and well filled at least once a week. Maybe an older married man would have an easier time. She specified to Peter that she keeps you pussy-free (except rare occasions) ? And keep her pussy for her lover.s. Maybe Peter is more at ease this way. She climax better with longer – or thicker cocks than yours ? Used to bigger it’s better for you as well, as a licker, to stay pussy-free, demonstrating your love and devotion.

The practice has taught us that even two lovers are not enough. My wife wants to have sex at least one or two times a week with one of her lovers. Weekends are for new guys and one night stands after partying in a club.

Peter has problems with free time and his suspicious wife. The second guy, Mike, I should say “an aspiring to the role of a lover”, didn’t fucked my wife yet, but they kissed and there’s a strong chemistry between them. My wife wants him to become her regular lover. Mike is older than me, he’s about 45, but he travels a lot for business, so he is also short of time.

So, my wife’s list of regular lovers is not closed. We think that four to eight lovers is a safe number to ensure that my wife will have as much sex as she needs.

Peter doesn’t know yet that my wife keeps me (almost) pussy free. He’s in love with her and talking about me makes him jealous. Maybe she should consider telling it to him and that would make him feel more comfortable?

You ask if my wife does climax better with longer/thicker cocks? Yes, she does. A guy with that kind of cock, who is also a good lover, is someone my wife will remember and will have always her cunt wet when thinking about him (there were some guys like that who fucked her really good).

There are also guys with shorter cocks who are great lovers too. They know how to fuck a woman real good even if their cocks aren’t monster size. Peter is a good example. He has a smaller cock than mine, but he knows how to use it and my wife has a great sex with him. To be honest, if a guy has a big cock but he is a bad lover, my wife would have a lot of pleasure with him just by doing him a blowjob (that wouldn’t work with a small cock – there was that kind of guy in my wife’s sexual history).

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

My wife had a date with Peter yesterday. It was a true, classic date with a supper in a restaurant. Peter did what a man, who is in love in a woman, should do… and he did it perfectly. 

My wife was so amused and happy. As my wife said after “I was so excited about the date to come, that my pussy was dripping wet all day. It was so wet that I had to put a paper towel inside my panties”. 

I am so grateful to Peter that he gave my wife what she needed: a beautiful date with the feeling of love in the air.

Peter took my wife from work by car. They stopped by the restaurant and before leaving the car, he grabbed my wife’s neck and started to kiss her deep. She gave in to him and spread her legs. He started to rub her pussy through her pants but his hand found a way under them. He gently slid his finger into her wet pussy and played with it for a while… They didn’t care about the people passing by, who could see them…

They spent the rest of the evening in the restaurant, talking and laughing. My wife said that it was a charming date and she had a great time with Peter. She also said to me, that she really liked him.

Peter said that his wife is suspecting that he has an affair…

At the end of the evening, my wife asked him what were they going to do next?

“What do you mean?” – Peter asked.

“You know me and you should know what I mean, after all the times you fucked me. Shall we go to have sex now?” – my wife replied.

“I didn’t expect that you would want to have sex with me after that long time of not seeing each other”

“Peter, I’m not a woman that needs to be adored in order to have sex with her. Men just take and fuck me. Last time on the vacation, a guy fucked me in a club’s toilet after four minutes since he had met me for the first time. So don’t be silly, I’m an easy girl and I spread my legs on demand.”

“But I didn’t book a hotel room…” – Peter was confused.

“That’s not a problem, I will call my husband to leave the house and wait in our car. You can always come to me, whenever you want and I will tell my husband to go and wait outside”

“He would wait outside? Is it so that he can return quickly?”

“No… He wouldn’t return without my call.” – my wife reassured Peter.

…but then Peter’s wife started to call him… His smartphone was ringing all the time. He had to answer. She was mad at him and knew that she is on a meeting with a woman. She ordered him to return home. 

Peter drove my wife home and didn’t go upstairs even for a quick blowjob. He was so scared about what was going to happen at his home when he returns…

Before sleep, my wife said to me: 

“You can’t imagine how those married guys turn me on. I am so horny thinking that they have wives and children.. It makes me so wet and I want to fuck with them even more”

I made this photo yesterday in the morning. My wife wanted to show me her new Victoria’s Secret panties which she had bought for yesterday’s date with Peter. So sad that he didn’t seen them…

In her search for stags on internet. Wouldn’t it be reassuring if you could be with her when she tastes a new man ? At least when she unpacks his balls and his cocks, whether you stay in a corner while she enjoys him, or listen to her waiting in the living room. It’s a reassuring security, making for her easier to take new cocks. And for the new guy it’s good to know you are abstinent, pussy free, a couple and you both wait for a good cock. She does not find it better for her 1st intercourses?

We talked a lot about it. She prefers to be with guys without me around. It’s her time and she wants to share that intimate moment only with the guy she met. The pleasure of cheating on me should go to her on first place, so me staring at her having sex is something that could disturb her.

She told me that if she met the right, open-minded guy, she would let me watch them having sex. I hope this would happed someday.

The security is very important so she always texts me the name of hotel she will be with the guy or I wait in the car in front of our house if they meet at our place.