Weekend. I asked my wife if she wants to go to the club tonight with her friends? She confirmed.
“Poor girl, you won’t be able to play with the guys, if you know what I mean…” – I said.
“Why I’m not able to play?” – she asked.
“You have the period”- I replied.
“I’m a big girl now and know how to play with men when I’m having one” – she said.
“You’ll be doing blowjobs?” – I asked.
“Yes, I like doing them” – my wife replied.
When I met her years ago, she was doing blowjobs only to her official boyfriends. The one night dates’ cocks weren’t even touched by her lips… She was despising the girls who gives blowjobs to the men, that they met just a moment ago. She was saying that they are a “toilet cocksuckers” and doesn’t have class.
Now she became such a cocksucking whore…

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