I know that most of the time, I fuck my wife like a sissy… She tells me that she needs a rough and hard sex but she doesn’t receive that from me. I’m a submissive sissy and I fuck like one. The one exception from that is after she cheats on me. Then I need to punish her for that and to release the anger and the pain that she gave me. So then I fuck her hard, slap and spit on her, I treat her like the whore she is. She adores it… It’s the only way she can turn my sissy nature into something closer to a man. Maybe that’s why she cheats on me? She wants to see that her loving husband sometimes is able to act like a man?
Tomorrow she will be fucked by a real man. She is so happy and excited. I hope that Vladislav will give her what she needs: a real alpha male that will fuck her brain out with his huge cock.

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