Kitty is very dissapointed that Vladislav couldn’t fuck her on Wednesday. Yesterday, she let me lick her cunt and then fuck her a little bit.
“But don’t you dare to cum! I will let you empty your balls after Vladislav fucks me” – she said when I put my cock in her pussy. These words turned me on so much that I cummed after five moves like a wimpy teenager… She slammed me in the face.
“I said NO CUMMING! You didn’t listened to me! Now you have to be punished for that.” – she said with anger.
So, I have to forget about cumming for a long time…
…but the punishment is more cruel than I thought it will be. Today she started to tease me by showing her pussy in the public and presenting her sexy feet and giving them for licking while other people were watching. She knows how it turns me on and that my balls will be filled up with a lot of sperm in the minutes.
Now I feel like I haven’t cummed for the weeks, but this time I know that the punishment may last very long…

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