We have some free time now and she was wondering what boundaries she wants to push next? She loves the “being a slut” lifestyle and it gets her very excited. Once she was not like that and didn’t respect the girls who were total sluts and, for example, were giving blowjobs to the strange men in toilets. Of course, she fucked a lot but she was doing it “classy” as she liked to name it. Now she loves the feeling of being disgraced and treated like a sexual object, not a person. She smiles so much and is so excited when she talks about it with me or her friends.
So, the next step would be a blowjob in the club while other people watching and sex for the money. I’m sure, that in about a month, I’ll write on this blog, that she went to a club where rich guys go and did it for the money or we put an ad on an erotic website which offers her services for cash.
Of course, when it will happen, my dear followers, you will also be welcome to buy her services 🙂 For the most active followers and our friends a special discount will be available 😉

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