My wife came home today and the first thing what she did was grabbing my crotch and checking if I wear the chastity.
“Why don’t you have your cock cage on?!” – she asked very upset.
“I just came home from work, my Dear, I didn’t manage to put it on yet” – I whispered regretful.
“Put it on, NOW!” – she looked at me and in her eyes I saw that she’s very serious.
I have put my cage on and she checked it once more.
Then we talked about Vlad, who wants her doggy style. I said that she doesn’t allow me to fuck her from behind. She smiled contemptuously and said: “you are a wimp, submissive cuck and fuck me like a sissy. Only real men can fuck me doggy style”.
Then I begged her to allow me lick her pussy. She came, but wasn’t satisfied with my licking. I did it too hard and she wanted to me treat her clit with more care. So I can’t please her even with my tongue… I hope one day, one of her lovers will have a mercy on me and show me how to please her…

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