“I want you to fuck me today” – she said to me while her hand grabbed my cock locked in a chastity cage.

“Really? Why did you change your mind?” – I was very curious.

“I need you to stretch my cunt so it will be ready for Vladislav’s cock. Unfortunately, your cock isn’t as big as his but I have no choice.” – she replied.

“…but I’m so horny, my balls are so full… I will cum after the first two moves… will you be angry with me?” – I said realizing that I won’t be able to satisfy her with my cock after the long period of denial. I know I will cum like a teen sissy boy just after seeing her marvelous, shaved pussy… I used to satisfy her with my tongue so I use my cock on her very rare…

“I like when you cum that quick. It makes me feel that I own you more. And it’s so pathetic how you act after that… Just like the last time, when you cummed in the sheets while licking my cunt. It was so embarrassing.” – my wife said looking in my eyes.

“…I fuck like a sissy…” – I felt so humiliated hearing what she thinks of me.

“Yes, you fuck like a sissy”

“On Monday a real man will fuck you. Vladislav will come here and give you what you need” – I had to face the facts.

“Yes, he will fuck me good” – my wife said and went to have a shower.

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