The sluttiest cumbag in the club

Once I read an interview with a bodyguard that worked in a club. He told that he saw how “the good girls from the good houses” are acting like the whores when they go inside. He also was sorry for the guys who were their husbands and boyfriends and they didn’t knew that their loved girls are such whores when they are without them in the club. He was telling what he saw and how embarrasing that was.
My wife acts the same. It turns on me so much, when I realize how she ruins her opinion in the eyes of the clubbing society. I know, that guys from the club, say that she’s a slut. This is a closed group of people and they are gossipping. For example, one night in the club my wife spended with a guy named Alexander. They were then sexting and met for a quick date a few days later. But the next time in the club, she met a hotter guy and she was interested only with him. She was kissing with him and giving him a handjob. Alexander saw everything and was mad as fuck. Other men that my wife was licking and touching also were in that club and was seeing how she is acting.
I’m sure that my wife has very bad opinion in the clubbing society… and I hope it will be much worse in the future 🙂 All the people will disrespect her for what she is doing and will be sorry for me as her husband.

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