Tomorrow my wife will spread her legs for Vladislav (part 1)

So tomorrow, on the 27th of July 2017 about 9PM, my wife will be fucked by Vladislav, the guy she met on Tinder. Let me tell you the story from the beginning once more 🙂

It all started on Tinder. Vlad texted my wife that he has a big and thick cock. She liked that VERY MUCH as she is a big cock whore and is talking all the time about it. Then he asked for her email and sent a picture of his cannon 🙂 She was so turned on and she told me that she will do anything to meet him and let him fuck her with that cock.

Vlad asked her to send him a picture of her. She knew that he wants her doggy style, so she sent him the pic where she shows her cunt from behind.

In the next post I will send the screens from her phone as they were making an appointment.

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