Tomorrow my wife will spread her legs for Vladislav (part 2)

Today Vlad texted my wife. They will meet tomorrow, on the 27th of June 2017 at 9PM. The guy seems to be a good alpha male and will give my wife a big load in her mouth. She is a perfect cocksucker so he will cum quickly. My wife said that she will let him rest for a while and then she will suck him hard and bend for him to fuck her. She wants to feel his big, fat cock inside her cunt. 

She told me that she will ask him to take photo of her while doing him a blowjob 🙂 

We also discussed that, she can tell him that she cheats on her husband and that I don’t know how to please her so that is why she is looking for the real men to fuck her regularly.

We hope that Vlad will appear as a real alpha male, a good fucker and will become her regular lover.

…and there will be a gift for me – his used condom full of his prolific semen for me to swallow while my wife will watch.

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