Question from @cake2queanb:

How does it feel to know your slut wants a fat cock like this? And you’ll never be able to fill her like I can. You little dicked bitch.

I know I can’t fully satisfy her. I haven’t got a cock big enough for her, sexual skills that will make her satisfied and a personality of a dominant, alpha male. I just can’t fill her cunt enough so she can feel that a real man fucks her.
That’s why she cheats on me and the better males do the job that I just can’t…
You ask how I feel? How could I? It’s humiliating and degrading… But it turns me on so much and, what is more important, it turns her on. She told me that it gives her a lot of pleasure to cheat on me and forcing me to hear the stories and how she compares me to her lovers. So, at the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation and I still can be her loving hubby, who is useful for doing breakfasts for her, cuddling with her and sometimes lick her pussy and make love with her, when she is in mood for love not for rough fucking.

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