I asked my wife to do some rank lists of her best lovers, the biggest cocks, most dominant men, the hottest lovers, the best oral and anal sex in her life. I will write more details about the lists in the next few posts, but the first list, that gave me a lot to think, was “the most dominant men in her life”.
I asked her to be honest to the bone and to rank me on the lists. She did that and it was very hard for me to know what she really thinks of me.
She placed me very low in the most dominant men list… Firstly I was wondering why? Then the answer came very quickly… How a man, who wants to share his own wife with the other men and lick her cunt clean of their cum after they fucked her, be a dominant man?
How a humiliated, wimp cucky can even think of him as of a man, if his wife finds her the real alpha males to fuck her?
Then I realized who I am and where my place is…

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