Willibald from Austria

There’s a new guy, for whom my wife has lost her mind… His name is Willibald and he lives in Austria.

She met him on Tinder. He’s superb build, ultra hot body, he likes rough sex and has a big cock, so that’s everything my wife adores.
Three days ago they were texting and my wife said that no other man in her life made her such turned on only by sexting.
She wrote him that she likes slapping her face, rough sex, blowjobs, rimming, swallowing cum and also to be choked and beaten. He told her that she is very open and is a first girl for him who wants slapping in the face and choking.
He has an asshole fetish and wants to rimm her for hours and spread her anus with two fingers and put his tongue inside.
She also wrote him in details, how she was fucked by the German guy last time by the rocks on the vacation, how he licked her asshole and how he fucked her roughly and then how she sucked him off and swallowed cum. He told her that he is jealous for that guy. He asked what nationality was the guy who fucked her and when my wife told him that he was from Germany he was kind of upset. Do Austrians do not like the Germans? 🙂

She told me that she will travel to Austria to visit him. She wants to visit and see Vienna and be his whore at nights. He told her that he will also fuck her in the public on the bank of the Danube.

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