So I’m a little confused. Obviously she married you. So she doesn’t no like you. Yet you act like she doesn’t even give a shit about you. Please explain.

It’s quite simple to explain. We love each other VERY MUCH and the cuckold lifestyle, dominance, tease and denial and all the humiliation stuff is something that turns on BOTH OF US. It’s something on the edge of a roleplay and a real lifestyle. Every of us has the right to say “stop” in any moment and return back to the “normal” life. But we don’t want to 🙂

She likes to sleep with the other men, dominate over me and treat me like a shit, but it’s all in the aspects of sex, just like that she loves to be humiliated and being treated like whore by her lovers. On the other end it’s me, born masochist, who loves pain and to be humiliated. I just can’t imagine that I could have better wife than mine and she to be with someone else. Sex is a very important part of our life, but it is only a PART of it and we live that part maybe different than the regular couples. The other part of our life, “the common one”, is based on respect, true and deep love and partnership.

That kinks make our sex life hot and boost our love. It all works that fine just because we are perfectly matched with our needs and desires.

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