We went to the shower together. She was completely naked and so was I. I kneed before her, then she pushed her hips forward and stretched her pussy apart. She looked at me, her eyebrow went up, she smiled with contempt and a strong stream of hot piss flowed into my mouth. I tried to swallow all, making big sips, but the stream was too strong and some of her precious urine went over my face, chest and my cock at the end. I felt how my stomach fills with her piss and every swollen sip of it was making me owned more by her, my wife and mistress.  

After she has finished, I served her as a toilet paper by licking her pussy clean of the last drops of urine. She went out of the shower, leaving me there, and said “It was so humiliating for you, my doggie, wasn’t it?”. Yes, it was, but it made me a very happy doggie.

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