Yesterday my wife was going back home from the office through the city. She was looking at one of the tallest apartments building in the center, in which has his penthouse the owner of the company in which she works at. She told me that she was fantasizing about her waking up in the morning, on that last floor, after a hot night with that guy. I’m sure it will happen one day. She meets that guy quite often and she sees him looking at her with lust.

While time goes by, my wife is getting more and more turned on by the thought of her being fucked by an old and rich guy. She is very strong person and the other men can’t dominate over her in a long term. One or two meetings, when they are getting to know my wife and she is getting to know them, the guys are appearing to her too weak to really humiliate her. But a real man, an old and rich one, with a power, would be able to truly dominate over her and he may become her regular lover (“the master” would sound much more adequately). This type of man is the owner of the company in which my wife works at…

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