I know she loves and wants to make love with me. She also craves for a rough sex with hot, muscular alpha males with the big cocks, but none of this she finds in or with me. She loves to dance and I know she is dissapointed by me as I can’t to… Even as a lover, I can say I’m good just in pussy licking…
I understand her needs as I know what my disadvantages are. I’m a great friend to her, someone to cuddle and to talk all night. She has to find hot males that will give her the things that lacks in our marriage.

Perhaps you need to find other woman who would like sex with you, in order to be good at sex, one needs 3 basic things,,,

1) a general knowledge of female anatomy, know where the G spot is, when and how to stimulate it!!!

2) physical conditioning, having the stamina to physically keep up with the woman’s needs, remember, woman are multi-orgasmic, as long as the man goes, the woman cums, providing she doesn’t get sore from lack of lubricant, some women require allot of stimulation before they find sexual satisfaction, it’s up to the man to be able to physically do this!!!

3) to actually WANT to sexually please your woman, allot of guys don’t really understand or care about the woman’s orgasm, getting theirs without holding back, ensuring the woman are satisfied, few men can ejaculate and keep going, woman however will continue to orgasm as long as the man keeps going, also penis size is a myth, for the most part, I had a friend who’s penis was about the length of my little finger, literally, not long and not thick, but he had woman lined up around the block, he had a different woman every night of the week, and they all knew it, some knew each other, you could hear they’re screams and moans of pleasure across the street, they would all say it was the best sex of their lives, he knew how to use what he had, more importantly, he WANTED to know how to use it, having the confidence to believe in himself, and give these women the best sex they ever experienced, it’s not about size but more like functionality, confidence and knowledge of female anatomy!!!

There’s a woman for every guy, you may love this woman, but may not be sexually compatible with her, imagine for a moment, you found a woman, as your wife freely finds strangers, who actually LIKED having sex with you, who encouraged you to learn more about female anatomy, who craved having sex with you, what would change in your life, how much more confident would you be, a good woman can make a man, but a bad woman could break a good man as well!!!

Since your wife has affairs with other guys, even insisting you leave the house you work so hard for, insist she do the same, there’s a woman for every guy, as she uses social media to find partners, so should you, insist on her leaving the house while you entertain your lover at home, use your martial bed to sexually gratify your lover, I guarantee, once your wife begins hearing stories of others being sexually satisfied from you, things will change for you, any man can train his body, including his penis, to sexually gratify any woman, regardless of his size, don’t let this woman lock your mind in negativity, FREE YOUR MIND, find yourself, you have more potential than you realize!!!

Thank you @bb4994 for your comment, that you’ve reacted and gave me advises. I really take it as a very friendly act of wanting to help somebody. In the Internet it’s very rare.

You don’t know us and some of the posts, for the people not in the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle, may seem weird. But let me explain please 🙂

First of all, we love each other very much. We are the best friends and (what may seem strange according to my posts) we are very satisfied of our sex life. What differs us from a “regular” couple is that we need some extra experiences to be satisfied. Let me write something about us…

My wife:

My wife turns on the sex with the strange men. She likes it rough and to be humiliated by them. As she doesn’t know them, she can’t know what they will do, she is a little bit scared with the thought that they may hurt her or do something unusual. She sees her in their eyes as they treat her like a whore and that humiliates her even more. If she had seen the lover too many times, she would have lost the excitement, he would have become foreseeable. She doesn’t want the relation or romance with her lovers. She wants a brute sex, only that. She also doesn’t want to dominate over them, she wants them to own her and use her showing their power over her.

In the relation with me, she needs to be the one who rules. She loves to dominate over the man that she loves. Dominating over the strange men is something that doesn’t turns her on. It gives her pleasure only when she dominates over me. That gives her the sense that her loving husband belongs only to her. 


I’m a born masochist and fetishist. I love to be humiliated and treated like a shit. My wife is the first woman, who really enjoys to dominate over me. I like when she cheats on me, when she hurts my feelings and humiliates me in front of others. This gives me the best sexual satisfaction I always hoped for! 

I know how to please a woman and my wife. When she wants to make love she finds in me the best lover, who knows how to please her. On the other hand, when she wants to be fucked like a whore, she finds the other guys that will do it better and she is honest with me with that.


We don’t pretend anything. Every word on this blog is 100% reality and was spoken by her, me or her lovers and every situation happened. We base our relationship and sexual life on something we call the “over-the-truth”. We say things that everyone has deep inside the mind, but most of people won’t say that to their partners. For example, a woman had a great sex in the past with her ex, but the actual partner isn’t as good as the ex was. In the over-the-truth, the woman will say to her partner the truth: “I love the sex with you, but the best sex I had with my ex and you’re not as good”. That words may destroy a regular relationship, but in our it’s something that turns us on. She gets turned on by saying it and me too, because it hurts my feelings and depreciates me as a man. But all the time we know, that we care for and love each other and if one of us would go too far, the other may say “STOP” and all will return to agreed boundaries.

The sex life is VERY important for us and it mixes with our common life. But we know that it’s some kind of a role play, a very real one, but we agreed to every thing and none of us is forcing oneself to do something against own will or do something that not gives one’s pleasure.

And that’s us. The wife who loves to cheat on her husband, to be humiliated by the other men and to be the mistress for her husband and humiliate him. And the husband, who is a masochist and loves to be treated like a shit by his wife. Just a perfect match! 

There’s a lot of love between us and we have very happy marriage:) 

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