I am unsure if this is a role play thing for you or not. I am a strong 25 year old alpha, who would be willing to put my seed into your wife. Not roleplaying.

I don’t think of it as a roleplay, but more like my acceptance for any decision that my wife will take. It includes her free will to find a man, who will impregnate her. She may choose me, but it’s only up to her to take that decision and she can be sure that I will accept it and all it’s consequences. I’ll support her and will be a great father but I don’t need to be the man who will give her his seed. For me she is the best woman on the Earth and she deserves the best genes for the child if she decides to have one.
My role as a husband is to love and support my wife, but planning a child is a serious thing, so all options should be considered, including finding a man to impregnate her (there’s still an option that I am infertile so we would have to ask someone to put a baby in her).

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