She loves to hear the slapping sound when a guy is taking her from behind. One of her last lovers did a masterpiece fucking her that way on the beach at night. He was pushing very hard, slapping her buttocks with his hips. His balls were bouncing and beating hard her clit. The slapping sound was so intensive that people sitting about 200 feet away heard that. In fact, this guy gave my wife the best fucking of the 2017 year… maybe the best at all.

The guy was from Germany and lives in Frankfurt am Main. My wife didn’t take his phone number… 

If you’re the guy and you’re reading this, write to us. Miracles sometimes happen and maybe you’ve come to our blog. My wife has a lot to offer for you 🙂 

…and I will be able to thank you for showing my wife what it means to have a rough sex with a real, dominant man… You’re my hero, man!

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