I want my wife to cheat on me, what do i do other than telling her that in a nice way? I got her a toy to play with but it seems shes not taking my hints.

Giving your wife a toy is always a good idea, but it’s not a good hint that you want her to become a hotwife.
Try to talk to her when you are having sex that you fantasize about her having sex with the other men. For example, when she’s doing you a blowjob, tell her that you are fantasizing that you’re a stranger and you enjoy her perfect oral skills. You may try to fuck her in front of a mirror and then tell her that she looks great and you dream of seeing her like that with a strange guy.
Take small steps, start with telling her this as a fantasy of yours. Let her use to it. Take the time and don’t push too hard.
A good moment to take the next step is when you will be in a good mood after a few drinks. Ask her then, if she remembers how you were fucking in front of the mirror and tell her, that what you told her, you mean for true. She has to be sure that you are serious about it and you want only her to have an opportunity to cheat. Tell her that you’ll stay faithful to her and you love her very much. It’s very important (most women think that when a man asks them to cheat on him it’s because he is bored with their sex life and his wife and wants to fuck other women too).
She will be afraid of how you will act after her first cheating, so ask her to do something “light” for the beginning (for example, she will let a stranger grope her ass during a dance). Then, if your reaction will be ok and she will like what she did, just start to move the boundaries. A good next step is if she kisses some other man.
Take small steps and give her time, but most important things are that she has to feel and be sure that you love her very much, she is the most beautiful woman for you and you enjoy sex with her.
TIP: You may tell her that she’s so sexy that it would be a pity if only one man could enjoy sex with her and she definitely should share her marvelous body with the other men.
Good luck!

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