My wife loves to deny me orgasms and uses me only for giving her pleasure (mostly orally). I remember one of last time that she didn’t even touched my cock or done anything that could give me a psychical pleasure (not including kissing) for the whole month. After longer period of time of keeping my balls full, she offers me “mercy” and lets me fuck her (with penetration). She’s cruel and she knows how it always ends. I always cum after a couple of strokes in her pussy or just after she puts my cock in her mouth. She has a lot of laughs because of that, I hear that I am a pussy husband and that she married a loser. My wife loves to provoke the situations in which she can humiliate me and show me that I’m not a man anymore. The more submissive and more pitiful I am, the more her lovers turns her on. She loves to feel the difference between marital sex and the fucking with her lovers or other guys. You can’t say if something satisfies you, when you don’t have the comparison. Is that true dear ladies?

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