I’ll be away home for two weeks. Before I left, my wife said:
“I will have our home only for myself! Maybe I will prepare a delicious supper for my lover? It will be a romantic time only for me and him. After the meal, I will get on my knees before him and will give him a blowjob in our living room. Then he will fuck me as he will wish in our marital bed.”
Sometimes I think, that my wife being fucked by the other guys is not the thing that hurts me the most. The intimacy between her and her lovers makes me suffer the most. All that passionate, deep kisses, talks, looking in the eyes… It hurts as fuck. 

Now she wants to spend a lot of her time and give a lot of effort to prepare a supper for her lover… She perfectly knows where to stab me with a dagger to make me suffer the most… I really don’t know what turns her on the most in that situation: a romantic supper with her lover or making me suffer more.

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