“I have to fuck with the older men. I think that some of them may help me in my career.” – my wife said.
“Where you will be looking for them? In whisky clubs? Or maybe on dating sites on the Internet?” – I asked.
“I’ll try on the Internet. Would you help me with that?”
“Of course, my dear, I’ll help you”.
Some old guys will have a lot of fun fucking my wife then… They will be sticking their old pricks in my wife’s tight and fresh pussy, kissing her and unloading their old balls into her mouth, watching as she is swallowing their sperm. Good thing is that, there’s a chance that they are experienced and will know how to please such slut as my wife.
I wish it was only my fantasy, but it isn’t. She is determined to do that. She’s going to the next level in her whore life.

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