Today my wife phoned her lover, Peter. She asked him to fuck her on next Tuesday (3rd of July 2018). I’m away from home and I come back on 7th of July.
I talked with her two hours ago and she told me everything they spoke. At the beginning of the conversation he was a bit nervous and said that he thought that she was angry on him. My wife said that isn’t true and the rest of conversation went as follows:
My wife (MW): “Do you want to meet with me in Tuesday?”

Peter (P): “Yes, very much. I’ll pick you up after work”

MW: “OK, but we will go to my place”

P: “I don’t know, I don’t feel comfortable that it’s going to happen in your house.”

MW: “I don’t want to be fucked in your car anymore, it was fun and spontaneous the first time, but I have a place for meetings.”

P: “But, you know, it’s your house, it’s not right…”

MW: “Is it alright that you fuck me? It doesn’t matter where it happens. What matters is that you fuck me. Do you really think that fucking me is ‘more okay’ in your car than in my house?”

P: “OK, maybe you’re right, but what with your husband?”

MW: “He’s not a problem, I told you that. He knows, that he’s not allowed to come back home until I phone and let him return. By the way, he is away from home for two weeks, so he’s not a problem for us.”

P: “Alright, I think it’s a good idea and I have to get used to that we will be meeting at your home”.

At the end of our conversation I asked my wife: “Do you lust for him?”
“Yes, I’m very horny and I really want him” – she said.
“If I was around, would you choose me or him?” – I asked.
“I want something new, so I would choose him”.

That’s a cuckold’s life, I don’t blame my wife, that I got bored to her. There are men around her that are taking my place in her sexual life. That’s good.

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