Peter, my wife’s regular lover, called her today to confirm tomorrow meeting with her. He told her that her will be at our home at 8:00 PM CET. 

As you know, I’m away from home until Friday. This will be his first visit at our home. My wife is so excited, she wants to put a sexy lingerie and high heels for him. She will also prepare her ass so he could fuck her anally. She wants to ensure him, that she is HIS lover. 

I begged her today, if she could verbalize to him, that “she is his lover” and that’s not just occasional fucking. She wants to talk with him before and then begin the action. If Peter will feel comfortable in our home, he will fuck her regularly, once or twice a week in our marital bed.

I wonder what kind of sex my wife will have tomorrow: if it will be a hard, rough sex or a love making? I hope that it will be the second option.

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