July 5, 2018

My wife called me just after she was fucked by Peter.
“Did he fucked you good?” – I asked.
“Yes, he fucked me really good”- she replied – “he’s not the guy who will dominate over me, but he’s very good, I like that. He apologized me for the last Tuesday and asked me if I’ll go with him for a supper. I said that of course I will. He said that his wife will be away from home for a week, so he will have more time for me”.
Then he pulled off my wife’s high heels. He said that she looks more innocent when she is barefoot. My wife asked him what he wouldn’t like to do with her? He said it’s an anal sex, because it reminds him his ex girlfriend, who wanted to be fucked only that way. She said that he is sensitive but also rough and that she really liked the sex with him and she wants more.
They were sitting on our sofa and he started to kiss my wife. She asked him to go to our bedroom. They were kissing a lot and for a long time, A VERY LONG TIME. He started to lick her pussy. He was really good but my wife didn’t came. Then they were kissing and my wife started to give him a blowjob. Then he turned her round and he was over her. He put a condom and started to fuck her. My wife crossed her legs over him. THEY WERE MAKING LOVE. She pushed him deep inside, with her legs crossed over him.
Then my wife turned on her back and he fucked her roughly. After that, my wife leaned over and he fucked her hard doggie style. Then she rode him and cummed VERY INTENSIVELY while riding over him with her hands pushing the wall, squirting on all over our sheets (look at the pictures) . Her nipples were so hard…
She laid on her back and he started to lick her pussy. Then got on top of her and fucked her until he cummed in her pussy.
He dressed up, but my wife was naked all the time. When he pulled up his pants, he looked at my wife and pushed her on bed and started to lick her pussy one more time.
After while, he was getting ready to go, but he pushed my naked wife against the bathroom doors and started to kiss her passionately.
He wants the GFE with my wife and she likes that very much. He is a true lover. They were MAKING LOVE, not just fucking.
At the end of the meeting, he asked my wife if she has a time tomorrow. She said ‘yes’ 🙂
Look at those pics. There’s our marital bed after their meeting. Do you see a huge squirt stain?  All those pics were made by my wife before and after the meeting with Peter. She squirted a lot. I’ve never fucked her that hard to make her squirt that way.

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