How do you stand it having a hotwife like yours and you can’t fuck her everyday and worship those beautiful feet? I would suck on her toes every damn day for two hours a day, even if they were covered in her lovers cum.

Who said that I don’t worship her feet everyday? He loves to have her feet licked and bitten 🙂 I take every chance to do that! When she’s sitting on a sofa or lies in a bed and even in public, I lick them with passion! If she has her lover’s cum on her feet, I would be honored to lick them clean 🙂
The only thing that I can’t do often is fucking her. She has better guys than me to fuck her and that’s completely understandable that she doesn’t want to have sex with me. On the other hand, she’s my mistress and it’s a kind of profanation, when I try to stick my  dicklette in her magnificent body… Only licking her feet and pussy is something that doesn’t profane her body.

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