25th of July 2018 (Wednesday)

My wife is on the vacation in Hersonissos (Crete, Greece) – day 8 – the last day

Today my wife will be going back home from Hersonissos. So it’s a good time to summarize her vacation.

She was fucked by only one guy – Antoine. It was a good sex, he had big cock and ruined my wife’s pussy (it hurt the next day). He wanted to fuck her the next day, but when they were kissing, a blood started to run out his nose… He was on drugs so my wife took care of him and found his friends to take him to the hotel. The other day he called her but then was too drunk to even recognize my wife… He turned out to be an immature and stupid guy. 

My wife is very disappointed of these vacation. She hoped to be fucked by at least seven guys… That didn’t happen. 

She arranged a date for Friday with Peter, her lover, so he could take care of her cock-greedy cunt.

She said that the vacation motivated her to look more intensively for new lovers. She will work harder on that. 

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