Wednesday, September 12, 2018

At the beginning of our relationship, my wife didn’t want to be penetrated by me when she had her fertile days (even when I was wearing a condom). Now, she lets her lovers to fuck her in that days and she even craves for it saying to me “I will ovulate on weekend, I have to find a guy to fuck me”. She even lets them to cum in her (in condoms, but luckily they aren’t 100% safe and she is aware of that). 

I think she liked the risk and the thought that someone else than me will make her pregnant. She also likes that it would be the most humiliating thing that she could do to me, especially when all of her friends would know the truth about her pregnancy… 

One day one of her friends asked her what would happen if someone knocked her up?. “My husband will raise that child” – she answered.

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