Any advice for getting fiance to cuckold me? She said she could never do that because I’m her baby but when we are out and she’s talking to a male friend she runs into I get so mad but then I picture her being fucked by him while I suck her toes and lick her clit while she gets fucked by him. She indulges the fantasy though.

Most women would be happy in a hotwife lifestyle, but they are afraid that their husbands/partners would want also the same and to fuck other women or that may ruin their marriage or relationship. First of all, you have to convince your fiancé that it’s not only your fantasy but it’s a lifestyle you want to live with her. Tell her that it’s not a symmetric relationship and she can be sure that you won’t be fucking other women.

Women are also afraid how their partner will act when the first cheating becomes a reality. You have to make her sure, that you are ready for that and the best thing is to start with small steps. Let her just kiss with other man, so she could see your reaction. Then ask her to show her tits to other man, etc. Small steps.

When she will see that you will be faithful to her and your reaction to her “little cheats” will be positive, then she will be ready to fully start cheating on you.

But remember, once you go into cuckolding, there’s no way back… If you are not ready or not sure if you can stand the thought that your fiancé sometimes “belongs” to other man, just leave it as a fantasy. Otherwise it may end your relationship.

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