Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sometimes my wife’s cunt is so sore after a night with a guy, that she even doesn’t lets me to lick her. It just hurt her too much. That was the day after she has been fucked by a guy from Germany who had taken her to a hotel and was fucking her for about four hours. Or after she had came home from the vacation on which another guy from Germany fucked and abused her by the rocks on a beach. There are a lot of examples, but one thing is sure: she loved every of that events.
Yesterday evening we were relaxing and cuddling. Suddenly my wife started to mention the most harcore and intensive fucks she ever had. I thought that my little cock will explode because of the things my ears have heard… She had a lot of fun seeing me horny and hurt at the same moment, pathetic as usual. As pathetic as she likes me the most.

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