Tuesday, October 9, 2018

My wife seen one of the main shareholders of her company yesterday. He couldn’t have seen her, but it reminded me the conversation that my wife had with Alex, the guy from Germany who fucked her on 8th of April, 2018. The whole story you may find here

“Would you fuck for money?” – Alex asked my wife.

“I’m not sure if I would want to do do it for money, but I would do it for sure for some kind of career benefits” – she replied. 

“With whom you would do it?” – he was curious.

“With older men”

“With men at what age?” – Alex didn’t give up.

“Sixty years or older. Rich and powerful.” – she replied smiling and looking in his eyes.

“You are a spoiled and bad woman” – Alex said with a disgust. Fortunately, my wife had sucked his cock after that and let him fuck her one more time. The disgust that Alex had for my wife was’t something that kept him from putting his cock in her and then blowing his load on her face. 

What have changed since April? Definitely my wife has a stronger fantasy to fuck for money with men. She thinks that if they would pay, then they would treat her truly like a whore and they would want to use her like a fuckmeat, having no fear to slap, beat her or spit in her mouth. She really loves to feel like a trash but I can’t give her that… Sadly, a lot of men who fuck her can’t too… So maybe sex for money is a good thing to consider?

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