In her search for stags on internet. Wouldn’t it be reassuring if you could be with her when she tastes a new man ? At least when she unpacks his balls and his cocks, whether you stay in a corner while she enjoys him, or listen to her waiting in the living room. It’s a reassuring security, making for her easier to take new cocks. And for the new guy it’s good to know you are abstinent, pussy free, a couple and you both wait for a good cock. She does not find it better for her 1st intercourses?

We talked a lot about it. She prefers to be with guys without me around. It’s her time and she wants to share that intimate moment only with the guy she met. The pleasure of cheating on me should go to her on first place, so me staring at her having sex is something that could disturb her.

She told me that if she met the right, open-minded guy, she would let me watch them having sex. I hope this would happed someday.

The security is very important so she always texts me the name of hotel she will be with the guy or I wait in the car in front of our house if they meet at our place.

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