Your hotwife should have two regular lovers, so she can get laid, well fucked and well filled at least once a week. Maybe an older married man would have an easier time. She specified to Peter that she keeps you pussy-free (except rare occasions) ? And keep her pussy for her lover.s. Maybe Peter is more at ease this way. She climax better with longer – or thicker cocks than yours ? Used to bigger it’s better for you as well, as a licker, to stay pussy-free, demonstrating your love and devotion.

The practice has taught us that even two lovers are not enough. My wife wants to have sex at least one or two times a week with one of her lovers. Weekends are for new guys and one night stands after partying in a club.

Peter has problems with free time and his suspicious wife. The second guy, Mike, I should say “an aspiring to the role of a lover”, didn’t fucked my wife yet, but they kissed and there’s a strong chemistry between them. My wife wants him to become her regular lover. Mike is older than me, he’s about 45, but he travels a lot for business, so he is also short of time.

So, my wife’s list of regular lovers is not closed. We think that four to eight lovers is a safe number to ensure that my wife will have as much sex as she needs.

Peter doesn’t know yet that my wife keeps me (almost) pussy free. He’s in love with her and talking about me makes him jealous. Maybe she should consider telling it to him and that would make him feel more comfortable?

You ask if my wife does climax better with longer/thicker cocks? Yes, she does. A guy with that kind of cock, who is also a good lover, is someone my wife will remember and will have always her cunt wet when thinking about him (there were some guys like that who fucked her really good).

There are also guys with shorter cocks who are great lovers too. They know how to fuck a woman real good even if their cocks aren’t monster size. Peter is a good example. He has a smaller cock than mine, but he knows how to use it and my wife has a great sex with him. To be honest, if a guy has a big cock but he is a bad lover, my wife would have a lot of pleasure with him just by doing him a blowjob (that wouldn’t work with a small cock – there was that kind of guy in my wife’s sexual history).

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