“I saw your profile on Tinder”

Two days ago, my wife received a message on Messenger from our mutual friend. He knows my family and we meet on parties or at my dad’s home.

“Hi, it may seem weird to you, but what the fuck do I care… I saw your profile on Tinder… Well, I always was impressed by you, the way you look… so if you want to meet, to know each other closer, I would do it with pleasure 🙂 If not, then this conversation never happened and it stays only between us.”

I have to inform you that he DOESN’T know that we live in a cuckold relationship. He thought that my wife cheats on me behind my back. He wanted to fuck her and still meet with all of my family and pretend that nothing is going on between him and my wife. Do I have to tell you that my cock almost broke the bars of my chastity cage and I felt that I’m going to cum without touching, just thinking of it?

“Do you want to fuck with him?” – I asked my wife.

“The situation is very hot, but he doesn’t look hot enough for me…”

So my wife answered him that “we live in a cuckold relationship (that’s why she has Tinder profile) but she doesn’t fuck with our mutual friends” – what is a lie but sound better than “if I wanted to fuck with you, we would text by Tinder not by FB Messenger”.

My wife keeps the high quality of guys who are allowed to stick cocks in her pussy…

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