About us

We are a loving marriage. My wife, Kitty, is 28 y.o. and I am 40. She loves to cheat and experience sex with other men… many men… and I love to be her faithful cuckold.
We are a perfect match and live our cuckold-hotwife lifestyle for many years. 

Kitty – my wife

I am a cuckold, I like when women cheat on me” – I said on our second date – “I can’t imagine to have sex with only one man until the rest of my life” – she replied. That is how our story begun.


We love photography and travelling. You’ll find here some pics from photo shoots that I did to my wife as well as common, daily photos of my wife, taken with my smartphone.

Kitty and me

I hope you’ll also enjoy our blog. I write about my wife’s dates with her lovers and one night stands as well as about our common life and thoughts. 
I started the blog in 2016 on Tumblr (footsiehotwife.tumblr.com) and had to close it as the Tumblr had have changed its regulations about porn content. You’ll find here a full archive of my Tumblr’s posts and a lot of new stuff.
Enjoy and don’t hesitate to write to us

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Kitty and her Husband

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