When your beautiful hotwife has a date with a lover, to unite closely with him and take deep orgasms on his cock, does she let you in a cage? or you have to wait under a duvet strocking with a hard-on until she comes back? (Or does she prefer now to bring her lovers on your marital bed to take her orgasms in her bed?)

My wife prefers to keep me in a cage when she’s not around, especially when she has dates with her lovers. She likes when a guy takes her to a good hotel room after a date, but she also gets very turned on when she can have sex with him on our marital bed. She likes that I have to sleep on the bed that is steeped in her lover’s sweat and smell.

Friday, November 23, 2018

This post isn’t about sex, it is about behavioral addiction and the ways of coping with that.

You may not know, by my wife locks me everyday. She keeps the keys so I can’t remove the cage even if I go for business meetings. 

Besides sex, she does it for my good. I have a big problem with masturbation (edging to be precise). I am not allowed to cum but I edge as often as I can and this addiction started to be a serious problem for my work. I used to lock myself in restrooms and jerk my cock for hours. Same at home. I wasn’t able to finish my work, projects or other stuff because of the morbid masturbation…

I told my wife about that. She said that a chastity cage could be the solution. She was right as always. It really helped. I don’t touch my cock during a day now. I can focus on my work, earn money for my wife, do the house stuff and have a great feel that the addiction is under control.

So my wife wakes me up every morning and tells me “it’s time for your cage now”. I get up and lock my cock and show her that it is properly locked. 

We do it as a therapy for me, so I don’t have to be turned on to use the cage. I can be in a bad mood or totally out of sexual thoughts, but I have to put on the cage. 

My wife likes the control that she has over me when I am locked but she also wants to train me to keep my masturbation problem under control.

Sometimes even a cock cage isn’t enough. As you know, my wife denies me to cum, so the pressure in my balls and the level of my sexual arousal are ultra high. When I can’t stand with it, there is one thing that helps: a pain. When my wife is around, she knows that a good kick in my testicles or slapping them with hand gives good results, but when she’s not around I have to improvise. One good solution is to use a rope and tie my cock very hard. After a few minutes it starts to hurt. After one hour the pain is unbelievable and my cock is blue and cold. I wait until the sexual arousal is gone. Sometimes it lasts until my wife returns home, so she can grab the one end of the rope, pull it up and give a few, hard slaps on my balls. Believe me, when you lie on the floor choking with pain, you don’t think about sex.

Cock cages are a fantastic sexual toys, but keep in mind, that they can help with a uncontrolled masturbation habit too. I didn’t wrote the above to share my sexual fantasy with you. I wrote the truth and the thing that really helps me in my life. Maybe you also have the same problem and my post will lead you how to cope with it. 

I am very grateful to my loving wife for supporting me in dealing with my weak nature. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Peter asked my wife out on a date next Monday (26th of November 2018). They will have a couple of drinks and after that they will go to our place to have sex (in our marital bed of course).

“I forgot that I will have ovulation on Monday!” – my wife told me.

“So what? Just tell Peter that you have ovulation and he has to finish in your mouth or on face” – I said.

“It would scare the shit out of him… But I’ll tell him not to worry, because if the condom brakes or he cums bareback inside me, you will raise the child.” – my wife said to me and went to the bathroom.

“You know I will…” – I told her.

“Yes, I know.” – she smiled, gave me a kiss and closed the door.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tider does a real good job for the “PR” of my wife. There are more and more of our friends and people we met only once, who know that my wife cheats on me and is having sex with other men. Her Tinder’s profile description says it directly that she’s interested in sex and is not looking for a relationship. So when people who know us find her on Tinder, they are triple surprised: 1) that she has a profile even though she’s a married with me, 2) that she wrote she was looking for sex 3) that she has a couple of erotic pics in her profile’s gallery.

There’s a story connected with the above. My wife’s best friend Annie met with her ex boyfriend. Annie told my wife the whole dialogue that she had with her ex (I call my wife “K” like “Kitty” in this dialogue, because I don’t want to use her real name – sorry for that, privacy issues).

“Ann… it’s weird, but I want to tell you something…” – he said – “I saw K’s profile on Tinder…”

“So what’s the big deal about that?” – Annie replied – “I know she has one”.

“…but doesn’t she has a husband?” – he asked.

“Yes, she does.”

“…does she… you know… does she meet with other men? Does she fuck with them?” – he was confused. 

“Did you swipe her right?” – Annie asked.

“No, she’s your friend! I couldn’t do that”

“Why? K. is a hot chick and you would ask her by yourself if she fucks” – Ann said.

“oh… ok… I think I should have done that… I looked her photos… She has very hot pics in there… Oh, come on, tell me if she fucks with other men?” – he was really curious.

“Maybe you should take your phone and call K.?” – Ann replied. 

I’m really proud of being an official cuckold and do not regret coming out of the closet. I know that a lot of people make fun of me but they doesn’t have one thing I have: my wife’s love.

You live the ideal relationship for many, with the sensual drive of the woman at its center. What is the sexual need of your wife to be properly satisfied? “Average” intercourse by traditionnal couples might be 2 or 3 intercourses per week. Have you regular lover.s who come weekly to satisfy her with their thick stiff cock ? With the bonus of trying new ones in addition? (she unpacks them in front of you?)

I am definitely a lucky man to have such a beautiful, sexy wife and to live in a kind of relationship that suites us the best.

I give her orgasms almost every day by licking her pussy and most of the times, after a good licking, she masturbates in front of my eyes and cums two or three times more.

When talking about sex, my wife prefers quality over quantity. She has two regular lovers, but she’s willing to have more if there will be a chance. Her “perfect sexual week schedule” would be one intercourse with one of her lovers, one new guy on the weekend (or sex with the other lover) and every day of pussy licking and masturbation. Why so little sex with her lovers you may ask? The answer is very simple: my wife has a lot of activities after work (fitness, gym, language lessons and etc). She is very short of time. Her lovers have their families and are also very busy at work (a lot of business trips), so sometimes it’s very hard for my wife to match their schedules.

Your ideal candaule couple blog is the best I saw for those with a “submitted candaule” personnality – needing this strong link with a beautiful woman who is greedy for sex. A regular lover with a bigger cock is necessary to give regularly her orgasms – in addition to her excitments with new cocks. A stable man in a marriage is surely the best. A huge bonus would be to find a lover who likes to fuck your wife just beside you, to share her orgasms he gives. So you can see her squirts on his cock.

I’m very glad you like our blog and understand that kind of relationship. A lot of people do not understand how we can say that we love each other and live in a marriage in which the wife humiliates her husband, cheats on him and keeps him (most of the time) pussy free. Love has different tastes and colors and we found the one that suits us the best 🙂

I hope we will find an open minded guy one day, that will agree for my passive presence by their sexual intercourses. I hope that my wife will agree for that too (she prefers to be alone with her lovers).

(discovering your wonderful blog, and the ideal couple I dream of living – Continued) Is the video in her Pornhub where she has her wrists duck taped with one of her studq – or her regular lover ? Or did she allow you a full intercourse and exceptionnaly to climax in her ?? as a way to compensate weeks of denial ? Who gave her such pleasure ?

That video I made on our fourth or fifth date and it’s me fucking my wife (she was still my girlfriend then).

That time, at the beginning of our relationship, I was a very dominant man (!). It may sound strange, but that’s true – I was kind of a bull. I didn’t know her good and she was just 19 years old. As the time went by, she started to show her dominant nature. She appeared to be much stronger than me and it went naturally – I became more and more submissive to her.

Now, when she wants the sex she loves (hard and brutal), she has to invite her lovers or find new guys… Who said that a husband has to be the one who is the best lover for his wife?

Friday, November 16, 2018

Two days ago, on Wednesday, November 14th, my wife had a date with a new guy – Mike. He works in the same company as my wife, but in a different department. He knows Peter, my wife’s lover, as they work in the same office, but he doesn’t know that he fucks her. 

They met after work and my wife proposed to meet at the same place she had had her first date with Peter. They talked about work and office gossips, but the conversation didn’t go to sex stuff. Mike had an important meeting that evening so they haven’t much time for themselves. At the end, he told my wife that he would give her a ride home. He called a taxi and they went to our place.

When they arrived, just in front of our house, he said:

“So, here we are… Maybe we will meet again? Would you like to have a drink with me?”

“A whisky would be perfect. We should meet soon” – my wife said.

Then my wife gave him her hand for goodbye. He took it and said:

“Oh, is that the only way you want to say goodbye to a colleague from the office?” – Mike said and pulled her hand and with other hand he grabbed her by neck and deeply tongued her. His right hand went on my wife’s thigh and he touched her from her knee to above. 

After that long kiss, my wife smiled and said:

“It’s a pity that you don’t have time right now, I would invite you upstairs and we could have that drink and ‘a tea’ this evening” – she said the “tea” word with a smile that meant “I would spread my legs for you”.

“Next time for sure, I can’t wait to have ‘a tea’ with you” – Mike said with a dirty smile on his face.

The first thing my wife said to me after I opened the door was:

“That bastard tongued me! He took your wife like his own thing and kissed! …I loved that! “ – she said so excited, smiling all around. 

PS. I hope you like the photo in this post. I took this picture of my wife at one of our photo sessions 🙂

Just discovering your blog and the ideal couple for my personality – you live the kind of female led relationship I dream, with a beautiful and sensual wife. The position as a licker is a source of deeper pleasure than a complete intercourse with an ordinary woman. She knows denying you and keeping you abstinent is good for you. And it s gratifying and reassuring to know she gets orgasms with her lovers/studs. She does not send you sexts and photos before and after her orgasms with her studs?

This is a good summary of our relationship 🙂 At the end of the day, cuckolding, orgasm denial, humiliation and other things my wife does to me, have a very positive influence on our marriage. My wife may treat me like a trash, cheat on me, humiliate and disgrace me, but you must know, that there’s a real love between us and we can’t imagine living without each other.

Does she send me stuff before and after her dates? Of course, she does. It also turns her on that I suffer more when I receive that kind of stuff 🙂 She always texts me what’s going on (for a security reasons too). After sex with her lovers/studs/random guys she takes pictures of her swollen pussy, cum on her body and the place where it happened. Right after that she calls me and tells me what happened. She is so excited and she loves to hear how jealous I am and how much I suffer. It really turns her on.

How does the power dynamic change if you allow your fiance to cuckold you? Does she become disrespectful or nicer etc? My fiance already likes being in control which is why I’m curious. She cheated once which got me turned on.

My wife is very dominant woman, but I love the little guilt that she feels when she returns home from her dates. For the next one or two days she stays nicer to me and sometimes lets me cum or even gives me a blowjob or (rarely) lets me fuck her. Cuckolding boosts passion in our relationship and is one of the best things that happened to us 🙂

Sunday, November 11, 2018

It was evening as usual. I was sitting on the sofa, my wife was next to me. She had uncaged my cock just after she returned from work, so I was feeling very comfortable.
Suddenly she put her foot on my pants, just where my cock was. I have to add that I didn’t cum for more than three weeks, so my balls were full. My cock got hard immediately. She felt that under her foot and smiled. Then she started to press my cuck-clitty with her foot looking straight into my eyes. I felt so good but I started to panic because I knew that I wasn’t going to stand it without cumming. She pressed me harder (it was about fifth or sixth move of her foot on my cock) as I felt that my cock spurted a three-week load right into my pants. She removed her foot and started to laugh.
“Oh, my sissy boy got wet in his pants… What a little pussy of you… You got wet like a teenager … It is so embarrassing… Go and clean yourself.” – my wife said with sarcasm. I knew that cumming without her permission will have its consequences… It all happened two days ago and I’m still waiting for my punishment…

Love your blog, your pictures are so hot! Would love to chat more if your interested

Thank you:) All thanks to my slutty wife, I just write stuff and take photos of her 😉 Feel free to chat with me

My gf and I have dirty talk about cuckolding during sex but after cumming I say that will never happen. She told me it’s ok to have fantasys but I wish I didn’t do this because I do want her to cuckold me but I don’t want it to be a big deal but just something that’s normal between us. She gets so wet when we do this and says it it’s good sex. She says things like I’ll be watching her get fucked by a bigger dick who fucks her harder while I’m tied up watching and they’ll be nothing I can do.

If you love your girl you should consider doing it. She likes the idea and wants to have sex with other men. She will probably start cheating on you to fulfill her needs, so it’s better if she has you consent and could do it “legally”. You will be jealous as hell, but I think that is the one of best things in cuckolding 🙂

If a vision of other men fucking her is in her mind, it won’t disappear. You have a chance to take your relationship to the next level and feel the lust you have not known about so far. There is a true risk that it will end up with breaking up, but it is worth to take.

It’s better to be a happy cuckold with a cheating girlfriend than a single guy fucking its own hand on alone.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

“I want to have sex so much… I’m so horny, I just can’t stand it…” – my wife said when we were cuddling. I took it as a proposal, my wife having a romantic moments with me wants to “do something more” than just cuddling.

“Do you want to have sex with me?” – I asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry my love… not with you. I’m sorry, you thought I wanted to have sex with you… I want to cuddle with you, but… you know…” – she replied.

“…I don’t turn you on?” – I said what I was sure it was true.

“…I love you, but you know that I want a hard sex… and to feel the thrill of having it with a strange guy… you can’t give me that…” – she said and kissed me. I thought that my caged cock would break the metal rods that were preventing it from getting hard…

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Considering the institution of marriage, a marital fidelity and having an offspring are two of the most important things. Most of people can’t understand our marriage, especially the facts that my wife isn’t faithful to me and that I accept and enjoy the fact that I am going to raise another man’s child if she decides to get pregnant.
Maybe that’s why we are such a good couple, a strong, dominant woman and a submissive, beta man. It would be difficult for her to have a dominant, alpha male as a husband and to live with him under the same roof. In our relationship she can cuddle with me and have her sexual needs fulfilled with other men. That works the best, especially when you consider that the beta husband doesn’t have to be the one who will impregnate her to be a biological father for the child.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

A torture tool, that is what I see on this pic. That is my wife’s pussy. 

I see and lick it almost every day. I taste her juices, smell its beautiful scent full of her pheromones. Sometimes I can feel the taste of another cock on it or the synthetic taste of a condom and lubricants after she returns from her dates.

 Sometimes it smells and tastes very intensive after a whole day as she asks me to lick her right after she returns home from work. I love to lick her and have my tongue and face sprayed as she squirts while climaxing. 

I adore the feeling that other men also lick her cunt and penetrate her for their pleasure. I love the thought that I am one of the many to have access to my wife’s pussy and have no privileges on that. 

I am a tool for giving her oral pleasures and I have to try very hard, because she can give it up and start masturbate only by herself. It happens more often that she starts to masturbate after I give her oral pleasure. Some time ago she got bored with sex with me, now she starts to get bored with my oral services… I work on it and try to be the best pussy licker for her but I don’t if I can do it. Time will tell…

Why her pussy is a torture for me? Just imagine that you see it, lick it and smell it every day and you are not allowed to penetrate it. Imagine, that you are not allowed to cum either. That is a torture. Sweet, delightful and hot as fuck, but a torture.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

We have a lot of freedom in our marriage. It’s a female led relationship and beside all other things, my wife is free to choose sexual partners and even a biological father for our child (if she decides to get pregnant). 

I also have a thing in which I’m free – I’m pussy free – my wife loves to keep me denied. She says, the less I cum the better husband I am. She also enjoys the fact that I suffer of being horny all the time and having my balls full. In fact, being denied makes me a quick cummer so sex with a penetration isn’t something that my wife could enjoy with me (just think, how you can enjoy sex that lasts a few seconds?). As she said, only my tongue makes her think about me in terms of sex as it counts as a tool for giving her a pleasure.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

“I’m sooo horny! You can’t imagine how much I want to be fucked!” – my wife said to me when we were in bed before sleep. A burst of adrenaline was pumped into my veins when I heard that. I thought that was going to be my lucky day and she would let me fuck her.

“Really? Do you… Do you want to fuck with me?” – I asked aroused.

“No, I see you every day, I got bored by your cock. I want a new one. Besides, I want to fuck hard like an animal, and you can offer me only cuddling. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I love to cuddle with you but when I am horny I want to have a man beside me. A real man” – she paused – “…Now go down and check if my cunt tastes good”.

So I went down and licked her pussy. She came intensively and said:

“Good night. You did a good job but you don’t deserve to cum. Now turn around to the other side, I don’t want you to snore into my face.”

After sharing my cuckold fantasy with my gf she denies me sex and says to just kiss on her feet. I do and I love this but apart of me wonder how this power shift happened. I hate it but I love it and she knows it. She said after I get her a ring she will cuckold me aswell.

If you both like what’s happening between you, that mean you match perfectly 🙂 There are a lot of men who want to live a cuckold lifestyle and would do everything to be in your shoes. I’m glad you found the form of marriage that you enjoy the most. Welcome to the club of cuckolds 🙂 I wish you that your wife would never allow you to fuck her again as she would have as many lovers as her pussy could handle to service them;)

Monday, October 22, 2018

I clearly remember the day as I confessed my wife that she can be sure that I will accept as mine any child she will be pregnant with. I told her that I know we are having fun in a risky lifestyle of cuckolding and we don’t want to change it. She really loves it and truly needs to have sex with other men. I didn’t expect that having regular sexual intercourses with other men can be such an important thing to her. 

I, on the other hand, always wanted to be in such a relationship and love the freedom that my wife has. I also love that we are such a great friends. Bringing all that things about our marriage together, it’s obvious that we have to accept a possible consequences. One of them is my wife being pregnant with other man. As her husband and the best friend, I assured her that I will be a wonderful, loving father to the child. That is what best friends and loving husbands are for. 

I sincerely look forward to the day when this will happen… In our marriage, I have bigger “maternity needs” than my wife and she knows that. I am curious what and when life will bring us 🙂