“I wonder which of my lovers will put a baby in me?”

I was in bed with my wife. She knew that my balls were full, so she decided to milk me for a healthy reasons.

“Put a condom on” – she said. I hoped that she would allow me to fuck her, but it didn’t happen. When I was done, she put her hand under the quilt and started to milk me. She was quiet and thinking about something else while doing it. Suddenly she said to me:

“I wonder which of my lovers will put a baby in me?”

My heart accelerated in a second.

“Maybe it will be me?” – I asked her.

“…you are not the man who will give me a baby, you know that.”

“…yes, I know… so, I think maybe Mike is the one… He is so masculine and he turns you on so much…” – I hardly replied.

“No, I think that maybe Peter will do it. He makes love with me so tenderly.” – she said and I couldn’t stand longer and I spurted my load into the condom.

My wife being pregnant with another man’s child is a huge turn on for me, but it is also a way for me to get used to the idea that this can happen considering our cuckold lifestyle. I must say that I feel comfortable with that…

I almost forgot that I took this pic! It was three days ago and it shows my wife after an intensive orgasm that she had by being pounded from behind. She was resting ass up and I quickly took my smartphone and took this pic. Look at her swollen labia 🙂

It was my lucky and unlucky day at once. Unlucky, because my wife had a date but it didn’t end up with sex, so she was disappointed and a bit angry. Lucky, because she was so turned on by her lover, that she desperately wanted to have sex. She didn’t care with whom, only the nearest cock around was what she needed. So she brought the key and uncaged me and said:

“That’s your lucky day, you have to give me what Peter didn’t. I could have a great sex with him, but it ended up with you. Don’t waste your chance, puppy!”

I was so nervous, I barely remembered how a pussy feels like…I was afraid that I would ejaculate before I could put my cock in her… I tried very hard… I had licked her good until she came and then fucked her missionary. Then she pushed me away and turned ass up. I saw that beautiful ass before me and that labia swollen by lust. She wanted me to fuck her from behind… I put my cock in her and started to fuck. I knew that she was thinking about Peter, she wouldn’t let me fuck herself from behind in other case. I was trying to focus on something else and not to cum, but she started to push her ass on me, harder and quicker. She was moaning so loud and then… she came so hard. I couldn’t stand it and also came in her pussy…

I knew that in her head she didn’t have sex with me. But I’m glad that I was useful for her that evening. I am also so happy that I fucked my wife… That she let me do it…

Monday, October 22, 2018

I clearly remember the day as I confessed my wife that she can be sure that I will accept as mine any child she will be pregnant with. I told her that I know we are having fun in a risky lifestyle of cuckolding and we don’t want to change it. She really loves it and truly needs to have sex with other men. I didn’t expect that having regular sexual intercourses with other men can be such an important thing to her. 

I, on the other hand, always wanted to be in such a relationship and love the freedom that my wife has. I also love that we are such a great friends. Bringing all that things about our marriage together, it’s obvious that we have to accept a possible consequences. One of them is my wife being pregnant with other man. As her husband and the best friend, I assured her that I will be a wonderful, loving father to the child. That is what best friends and loving husbands are for. 

I sincerely look forward to the day when this will happen… In our marriage, I have bigger “maternity needs” than my wife and she knows that. I am curious what and when life will bring us 🙂

My wife loves to deny me orgasms and uses me only for giving her pleasure (mostly orally). I remember one of last time that she didn’t even touched my cock or done anything that could give me a psychical pleasure (not including kissing) for the whole month. After longer period of time of keeping my balls full, she offers me “mercy” and lets me fuck her (with penetration). She’s cruel and she knows how it always ends. I always cum after a couple of strokes in her pussy or just after she puts my cock in her mouth. She has a lot of laughs because of that, I hear that I am a pussy husband and that she married a loser. My wife loves to provoke the situations in which she can humiliate me and show me that I’m not a man anymore. The more submissive and more pitiful I am, the more her lovers turns her on. She loves to feel the difference between marital sex and the fucking with her lovers or other guys. You can’t say if something satisfies you, when you don’t have the comparison. Is that true dear ladies?

“A warm dildo” – an adjective my wife used last time to describe me as her lover… She says it openly, that she finds sex that satisfies her only with other men. It was hard for me to accept that on the beginning, but we talked honestly and she said that she loves me and she likes to cuddle with me or when I lick her pussy, but I have a submissive nature, so I’m not able to fuck her as hard as she would like it and to dominate her. Let face the truth, how my wife can see a man in me if she calls me “a doggie”?

If it turns out that my wife is pregnant, it would be difficult to determine whose child it is. But is that really a problem to care about? She asked me if I would want to do a paternity test? I said “no, I wouldn’t want to”. 

“Oh, my love, you would raise every child I would be pregnant with, no matter who would give it to me, wouldn’t you?” – she whispered to my ear.

“Of course, my love” – I replied and kissed her in her cheek.

My wife’s coworker, who fucked her last Thursday, called her today. He said that he was afraid to call her the day after, because he thought that she might regret what she did. My wife said that she liked it, so he shouldn’t be worry. He asked her if they can meet and my wife confirmed and suggested that it could be after two weeks (yesterday my wife got a period and thh next week we are on travel).

“I think that all comes to that he will be my regular lover” – my wife summarised.

“I want to fuck so badly!” – my wife said last evening.
“Do you want to fuck with me?” – I asked.
“No, I want to fuck with someone else”
“You like to fuck with others more than with me, don’t you? – I said, but I knew the answer…
"That are different emotions and excitement… so the answer is ‘yes’” – she said.

My wife came from the shop today. I got on my knees and started to take off her shoes as usual. She looked and whistled at me like for a dog. I looked up and she spoke:

“I need to buy you a dog’s collar and leash. You’ll have to wear it whenever I feel like you to do it.”

She likes to treat me as her doggie. Do I like it? It’s not important what I like, but I must say that I love whatever she likes to do with me.

The cuckold’s dilemma

We were traveling car today to visit our families this weekend. My wife wants to meet with her female friends and go with them to the club on Saturday night.

“I’m so fucking horny and I want to suck a cock” – she told me. She is at the beginning of her period right now so it’s not a good time for her for fucking with guys.

“Will you give a blowjob to somebody at the club tomorrow?”-I asked.

“If there will be someone interesting, I will blow him. I really have a taste for a cock!”

“For any cock? Mine too? Or only somebody’s else?”

“Sucking somebody’s else would be definitely more exciting. That guy will be very lucky when a whore, just like me, will give him a good blowjob! This weekend there must be a cock in my mouth! If I won’t find a guy, I will blow you on Sunday.” – she said.

So now I have a dilemma: to keep my fingers crossed for her to find a guy and blow him… or to do it and hope she couldn’t find anybody so I will have an opportunity to have my balls emptied in her mouth… 🙂

My wife’s body is so ready for being impregnated. She’s young and healthy, a perfect material to become a mother. She’s not mentally ready for that change in her life but it should happen. Maybe one of her lovers should “help” her by perforating his condom or just force her to take his seed deep inside her fertile womb. She may protest but a strong, dominant man should know how to calm a woman with a several slaps…

From now on, my wife will be showing the pics from the blog to her lovers. The uncensored versions. It will be so hot to know that those guys will see her naked pics and then fuck her. They will also know that the pics were made by me, her husband, but she will tell them that we made them for “the family album” for our eyes only and I am “so worried that someone could see it” ;). It will be like a double cheating – she will show them our private photos and then let them fuck her. They will feel so masculine and proud, that she, the wife, cheats so badly on her husband and they are “the ones”, for whom she lost her mind 🙂 

Some of the men, who have encounters with my wife, have wifes or girlfriends, sometimes they are also fathers. It really turns both of us on, knowing that they cheat on their spouses 🙂

One of the best views on my wife 🙂

“How would you react on guy taking off the condom and return to fucking your wife?” – I was asked.

If she would notice that and didn’t stop him, I would stay quiet. It’s her pussy and she knows that I will accept if she would want to have a baby with an another man.

If you ever hear what she thinks of me as a man and a lover, you would know that she has a great heart to be with such a man.That is why, she doesn’t want me to impregnate her… She tells that she’s not ready for the children or she doesn’t want them at all, but I know that she tells that because she is ashamed of herself with the fact that she has chosen a man for her life that is such a sissy and doesn’t want to risk that my genes would have a bad influence to our children.

So the only hope is an another, healthy and masculine man, who will fill her pussy with his sperm and give her a belly full of babies. 

Look how she is bended… she’s so ready for a real bull to penetrate her with his big cock and impregnate her…  

My wife needs a real man to dump his seed into her fertile womb. The man, that knows how to own a female, treat her like his fucktoy and mark her as his own by making her pregnant with a child that she will raise with her wimp husband.

I wonder what thinks a man when he’s fucking someone’s wife, knowing that she’s not on a birth control? He knows that he can inseminate her and that the few seconds of his pleasure will ruin her beautiful body and totally change her and her husband’s life… Does he feel proud?  Does he feel strong? How does his ego feels, when he can do to a woman the thing, that only her husband should do? How does it feel to impregnate a someone’s wife?

Pregnancy means that a man owned a woman. He definitely won in the nature’s contest and nothing can change that. He is the best male, the alpha, the one who gave his genes. Woman chooses the right guy to impregnate her very carefully, so if one will knock her up, he should be proud of being the best. 

If you are a submissive cucky, there’s also a chance for you to become a father. Not biological, but does it count? Isn’t a father the one who raises the child? He should be happy that his woman made a wise decision and found the best male to impregnate her and become the biological father. Just throw away the stereotypes, at the end of the day, all that count is a strong and healthy child, no matter if your seed gave it a life.

I just can’t stop visualizing my wife as she was banged from behind by the last two guys. She likes to be fucked like this, when she lets the guy take all the control over herself and use her like whore, a fuckmeat for his pleasure.

At home, she’s different… She likes to rule and to have a power over me and treats me like her submissive puppy. Maybe it’s because I’m too beta for her, too submissive to make her want to be fucked roughly by me… but honestly, when I tried to fuck her that way it was more embarrassing and I saw in her eyes how pathetic I was…