“I wonder which of my lovers will put a baby in me?”

I was in bed with my wife. She knew that my balls were full, so she decided to milk me for a healthy reasons.

“Put a condom on” – she said. I hoped that she would allow me to fuck her, but it didn’t happen. When I was done, she put her hand under the quilt and started to milk me. She was quiet and thinking about something else while doing it. Suddenly she said to me:

“I wonder which of my lovers will put a baby in me?”

My heart accelerated in a second.

“Maybe it will be me?” – I asked her.

“…you are not the man who will give me a baby, you know that.”

“…yes, I know… so, I think maybe Mike is the one… He is so masculine and he turns you on so much…” – I hardly replied.

“No, I think that maybe Peter will do it. He makes love with me so tenderly.” – she said and I couldn’t stand longer and I spurted my load into the condom.

My wife being pregnant with another man’s child is a huge turn on for me, but it is also a way for me to get used to the idea that this can happen considering our cuckold lifestyle. I must say that I feel comfortable with that…

I almost forgot that I took this pic! It was three days ago and it shows my wife after an intensive orgasm that she had by being pounded from behind. She was resting ass up and I quickly took my smartphone and took this pic. Look at her swollen labia 🙂

It was my lucky and unlucky day at once. Unlucky, because my wife had a date but it didn’t end up with sex, so she was disappointed and a bit angry. Lucky, because she was so turned on by her lover, that she desperately wanted to have sex. She didn’t care with whom, only the nearest cock around was what she needed. So she brought the key and uncaged me and said:

“That’s your lucky day, you have to give me what Peter didn’t. I could have a great sex with him, but it ended up with you. Don’t waste your chance, puppy!”

I was so nervous, I barely remembered how a pussy feels like…I was afraid that I would ejaculate before I could put my cock in her… I tried very hard… I had licked her good until she came and then fucked her missionary. Then she pushed me away and turned ass up. I saw that beautiful ass before me and that labia swollen by lust. She wanted me to fuck her from behind… I put my cock in her and started to fuck. I knew that she was thinking about Peter, she wouldn’t let me fuck herself from behind in other case. I was trying to focus on something else and not to cum, but she started to push her ass on me, harder and quicker. She was moaning so loud and then… she came so hard. I couldn’t stand it and also came in her pussy…

I knew that in her head she didn’t have sex with me. But I’m glad that I was useful for her that evening. I am also so happy that I fucked my wife… That she let me do it…

“I hope I’ll be lucky tomorrow and someone will fuck me” – my wife said while we were in our car. She is going tomorrow to the club with her best, slutty friends.
Maybe if she will be fucked, I’ll be lucky too and she will let me cum? I haven’t ejaculated for more than month. My wife said that she will allow me to empty my balls after someone else empties his balls in her… I think that’s a fair deal for a sissy husband like me…

“I want to fuck so badly!” – my wife said last evening.
“Do you want to fuck with me?” – I asked.
“No, I want to fuck with someone else”
“You like to fuck with others more than with me, don’t you? – I said, but I knew the answer…
"That are different emotions and excitement… so the answer is ‘yes’” – she said.

Many guys cheated on their wives and girlfriends with my wife. They dumped their sperm into my wife instead of in their significant ones. My wife loves sex with married men, the feeling that she’s a way better than their spouses… Just like many of them are better lovers for my wife than I am… That seems fair.

We were talking about one of my wife’s married female friend, who fucked bareback with a guy on a business trip. My wife was worried what would happen if she got pregnant.
“She would tell her husband that this is his child.” – I said.
“Yes, that’s what she would do and he would raise that child, like you would if that  happened to me” – my wife replied.
“Of course, I would raise the child. You know, it is possible to happen. When you fuck with guys you may get pregnant. There’s always a risk”.
“I know” – said my wife.

A BBC for Kitty

Kitty started to want BBC… I can’t compete with the white men, so how could I even think to compare myself to the strong, masculine black men with cocks size as my forearm?

My wife wants to fully live her life and I, as her loving husband, have to do everything to support her. Even if it hurts me as fuck…

How would you feel if your wife told you that she gets so turned only by young boys with all their fresh, sexy bodies, hard cocks and yummy cum? Then you realizes that you could be a father of these guys she fucks? And when she is with you, touching your body, which is far from being as sexy as her young lovers, you know that she must love you very much… How a woman with that needs can suck cock in my age and swallow my cum? Only love is an answer. 

I wish her to have the best looking, young lovers with the monster cocks and skills that will make her beg them for fucking her more and often. I even assume that in some time, she might want to fuck only with her lovers and start denying me sex… Then I will be begging her for a permission to use my hand on my cock and cum listening to the stories of her great fucking.

Today is the International Women’s Day. I wish all the women the best lovers and strength to turn their fantasies into real. You only live once and you have only one youth. Sin and be proud of it, when you’ll be old you’ll know that you had an exciting life.

This post is also dedicated to @teencpfeet a very young, hot guy, who is fan of Kitty 🙂 I wish you and her having a hot sex someday, somewhere:) On those pics she is bended just for you 🙂 Enjoy, fap and send us a cum tribute 😉

My wife. I wonder who will be the next to see her like this? Maybe some rich guy, who will take her for a vip party as his escort? Or maybe a handsome young kid like the last time?