25th of July 2018 (Wednesday)

My wife is on the vacation in Hersonissos (Crete, Greece) – day 8 – the last day

Today my wife will be going back home from Hersonissos. So it’s a good time to summarize her vacation.

She was fucked by only one guy – Antoine. It was a good sex, he had big cock and ruined my wife’s pussy (it hurt the next day). He wanted to fuck her the next day, but when they were kissing, a blood started to run out his nose… He was on drugs so my wife took care of him and found his friends to take him to the hotel. The other day he called her but then was too drunk to even recognize my wife… He turned out to be an immature and stupid guy. 

My wife is very disappointed of these vacation. She hoped to be fucked by at least seven guys… That didn’t happen. 

She arranged a date for Friday with Peter, her lover, so he could take care of her cock-greedy cunt.

She said that the vacation motivated her to look more intensively for new lovers. She will work harder on that. 

Can you imagine that the guy, who fucked my wife last weekend, was surprised that there’s something like a foot fetish and some men love to worship feet? My wife told him, that I’m a foot fetishist and I’m totally into worshipping her feet. He said that’s weird and he doesn’t find anything sexy in feet…
So, please look at the photo of my wife’s feet and ask yourself a question, is it possible not to adore them? It’s impossible 🙂

PS. Sorry for the formatting of yesterday’s post (all the text melted into one big block). I pasted it into Tumblr from external text editor and it looked good in the desktop version of the blog, but on the mobile app it looked like shit. I have updated it, so you are welcome to read it 🙂

Yes, she lets me lick them everyday… She denies me a lot of things but I can worship her feet as much as I want…

My wife’s pussy feels so tight, warm and wet… I’m so jealous about the men who dumped their seed in her… Every time she lets me put my cock inside her I think about the other men who were stretching her pussy and were pushing their cocks deep inside her, hearing the music of her moans… It would be so right if one of them would impregnate her… the best one of them all…

Do you want your cock, crotch, balls and asshole to be licked good? My wife is the best choice for that 🙂 She’s experienced and totally submissive when fucking with other men than me. She wants to be used like a whore, to feel your strength and power over her. 

I’m so jealous of the men who fuck her… I will never have her the way they do…

Yesterday Kitty gave me her foot so I could lick it. I licked each of her toes, the sole and bit the edge of her soft foot… I get so turned on that I started to desperately lick her heels and the soles so her feet were completely wet. She had enough, so she ordered me to stop and slapped me hard in my face with her socks. I stopped immediately and looked at her with regret in my eyes. I felt so humiliated… So lovely humiliated…

‎The most painful thing when a woman cheats is that, when she is fucked by her lover she doesn’t think about her husband.

It’s so hard to explain what I feel when my wife is having sex with someone else. Sometimes I know for sure that it will begin in a few minutes (like the last time, when she texted me “I’m dancing with a guy from Germany. I’m going with him to the beach by the rocks” and after 15 minutes she had his cock in her mouth), sometimes I know that she is going out to the club and it may end with sex (if she will find someone attractive)  and there are planned dates, on which I know who will she meet, when and where it will happen.
The hardest, but the most exciting, is the time, when I know that she is cheating on me AT THE MOMENT. I know that she doesn’t think about me at then and I feel like she left me for that period of time. It’s a feeling similar to that like she would break up with me for another guy… When I’m sitting and being aware that it is happening NOW, I just don’t know what to do. I feel PANIC, anger, jealousy and being so helpless, so powerless and weak… My heart wants to jump out of my chest and I feel a heat pumping through my neck to the brain. I don’t know why I feel panic, but it’s very intensive feeling. On one hand I pray that it ends, with her calling me and telling “we are done” and on the other hand, I wish it last as long as possible, so the guy could fuck her good.
Someone asked me lately, if I will get use to it? I wish it won’t happen… It’s the greatest mix of feelings that a cuckold can have thanks to his hotwife.

I love when she puts her feet on my face. The cold skin and beautifu, subtle smell… It’s like a drug to me…

“I know he will fuck me one day” – my wife said after telling me about a colleague from her office. He is very dominant and rude… no, he’s a real motherfucker. But she knows he wants to fuck her and she is so wet thinking about him… They have a plan to take a business trip to Austria. I hope he’ll make it to happen. My wife needs a man, a real man, who knows how to use a whore.

I wonder what thinks a man when he’s fucking someone’s wife, knowing that she’s not on a birth control? He knows that he can inseminate her and that the few seconds of his pleasure will ruin her beautiful body and totally change her and her husband’s life… Does he feel proud?  Does he feel strong? How does his ego feels, when he can do to a woman the thing, that only her husband should do? How does it feel to impregnate a someone’s wife?

“Only real men can fuck me, and puppies like you are are only for pussy licking” – my wife told me. I agree and I know my place. I’m trying to be the best pussy licker, the best puppy she ever had. 

I know It’s a sick thinking, but I wait for the day in which, after the months of my cum denial, my wife will tell me that she’s pregnant with the other man and it’s too late to “do something about it”.  The highest level of cuckold humiliation will be reached. A strange alpha male will permanently mark my wife as his and ruins her beautiful body by her giving the birth to his baby. 

I love my wife and I know there’s always a risk, that if we have the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle, the pregnancy may occur. She knows that I will always be there by her side and will always love her and the baby.

I have a strange impregnation fetish. I do not fantasize about me impregnating my wife, but that the other men would do it. I talked about it with her and she accepts that a cucky husband like me can have this kind of fantasies. She also know, that if it will somehow happen, I will always be by her side and love her and the baby.

Pregnancy means that a man owned a woman. He definitely won in the nature’s contest and nothing can change that. He is the best male, the alpha, the one who gave his genes. Woman chooses the right guy to impregnate her very carefully, so if one will knock her up, he should be proud of being the best. 

If you are a submissive cucky, there’s also a chance for you to become a father. Not biological, but does it count? Isn’t a father the one who raises the child? He should be happy that his woman made a wise decision and found the best male to impregnate her and become the biological father. Just throw away the stereotypes, at the end of the day, all that count is a strong and healthy child, no matter if your seed gave it a life.

It’s so hard not to bite them when we are in public… But I sometimes just can’t stand it and lick her feet even though I know that someone is watching. It happened that day… A young angler saw how I lick Kitty’s feet 🙂

“You are my little puppy and you are here to give me pleasure. The other men, which I choose, will fuck me like I was their whore. Not you.” – my wife told me that yesterday, just after I licked her pussy and wanted to put my weenie in her cunt. She didn’t allowed me. It would be a very short intercourse, but she didn’t want to see me trying to do things the real men do with her.

Ade the Superbully is back!

Do you remember the story about the Superbully from this post? His name was Ade. Kitty has paired with him on Tinder last week!

She wants to have a date with him. 

“I will remind him what was between us” – she told me – “and I will spend a whole night with him. She will be fucking me several times”.

Yes, she needs a hot guy to fuck her good and give her what she doesn’t finds at home.

My wife let me fuck her after I have done well licking her pussy. She wanted to feel cock inside and told me to put a condom and fuck her. I put my cock inside and made a few moves and… I have cummed like teenager… She was laughing at me… The situation prooved one more time that I am not able to satisfy a woman by fucking her… It was so embarrasing…
That’s why she cheats on me.

Kitty’s back on Tinder! She has paired with some hot guys and soon she will be fucked well be them 🙂