Mind cheating

“I was thinking about Peter while you were fucking me last time” – my wife said to me.

I remember that, suddenly she just closed her eyes and smiled while I was in her. Then she came intensively, thinking about Peter as she told me later.

It must sound strange, but It had turned me so much, knowing that my wife was cheating in her mind having sex with me. I love when she keeps me on the “second place”…

PS. We are still alive, happy and loving couple 🙂

PS2. We are also active on zbiornik.com as the “Canduals”, trying to share cuckoldry idea as well as our private movies with the Polish audience. I will try to put those movies here too. You may check our profile on https://zbiornik.com/Canduals

PS3. We will be back here with lot of new stuff, I promise 🙂