Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The everyday’s morning inspection – that is how it looks like. This time I was lucky, because when I asked my wife if I can take a photo to post it on the blog, she kneeled and licked my caged dicklette. She did it only because she knew that it was going to be posted on the blog 🙂

The morning ritual is as always: I get up, go to the bathroom, lock the cock and show it to my wife for an inspection. 

She likes the control she has over me and also enjoys humiliating me. She also know, that locking me is for my good, so I could focus on my work rather that touching myself. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

This post isn’t about sex, it is about behavioral addiction and the ways of coping with that.

You may not know, by my wife locks me everyday. She keeps the keys so I can’t remove the cage even if I go for business meetings. 

Besides sex, she does it for my good. I have a big problem with masturbation (edging to be precise). I am not allowed to cum but I edge as often as I can and this addiction started to be a serious problem for my work. I used to lock myself in restrooms and jerk my cock for hours. Same at home. I wasn’t able to finish my work, projects or other stuff because of the morbid masturbation…

I told my wife about that. She said that a chastity cage could be the solution. She was right as always. It really helped. I don’t touch my cock during a day now. I can focus on my work, earn money for my wife, do the house stuff and have a great feel that the addiction is under control.

So my wife wakes me up every morning and tells me “it’s time for your cage now”. I get up and lock my cock and show her that it is properly locked. 

We do it as a therapy for me, so I don’t have to be turned on to use the cage. I can be in a bad mood or totally out of sexual thoughts, but I have to put on the cage. 

My wife likes the control that she has over me when I am locked but she also wants to train me to keep my masturbation problem under control.

Sometimes even a cock cage isn’t enough. As you know, my wife denies me to cum, so the pressure in my balls and the level of my sexual arousal are ultra high. When I can’t stand with it, there is one thing that helps: a pain. When my wife is around, she knows that a good kick in my testicles or slapping them with hand gives good results, but when she’s not around I have to improvise. One good solution is to use a rope and tie my cock very hard. After a few minutes it starts to hurt. After one hour the pain is unbelievable and my cock is blue and cold. I wait until the sexual arousal is gone. Sometimes it lasts until my wife returns home, so she can grab the one end of the rope, pull it up and give a few, hard slaps on my balls. Believe me, when you lie on the floor choking with pain, you don’t think about sex.

Cock cages are a fantastic sexual toys, but keep in mind, that they can help with a uncontrolled masturbation habit too. I didn’t wrote the above to share my sexual fantasy with you. I wrote the truth and the thing that really helps me in my life. Maybe you also have the same problem and my post will lead you how to cope with it. 

I am very grateful to my loving wife for supporting me in dealing with my weak nature. 

Wednesday, July 4

Peter, my wife’s lover, called her today and apologized that he couldn’t make to be with her yesterday. He promised that he will visit and fuck her tomorrow (5th of Juli 2018).
Yesterday, my wife masturbated and cummed three times a row to release the unfulfilled sexual tension. She did that when we were video chatting (I did some screens that I will post later).
Meanwhile I wait caged until Peter will penetrate my wife’s three horny holes…

“You have to put on your cage, you think too much about cumming. You don’t deserve to cum” – Kitty said. She owns me and makes the rules…

Love is blind, but cunt isn’t

This is how my wife said goodbye to me as I had to go out, so she could meet with her bully. She perfectly knows how to show me my place: caged and thrown away from house, so her lover could come and show her what does it mean to be fucked by a real man.

It’s so funny that such a beautiful and sexy women as my wife, can have as sissy husbands as me. Love is blind, but cunt isn’t and sooner or later it will ask for a big cock fixed to a man who knows how to use it.

My wife came home today and the first thing what she did was grabbing my crotch and checking if I wear the chastity.
“Why don’t you have your cock cage on?!” – she asked very upset.
“I just came home from work, my Dear, I didn’t manage to put it on yet” – I whispered regretful.
“Put it on, NOW!” – she looked at me and in her eyes I saw that she’s very serious.
I have put my cage on and she checked it once more.
Then we talked about Vlad, who wants her doggy style. I said that she doesn’t allow me to fuck her from behind. She smiled contemptuously and said: “you are a wimp, submissive cuck and fuck me like a sissy. Only real men can fuck me doggy style”.
Then I begged her to allow me lick her pussy. She came, but wasn’t satisfied with my licking. I did it too hard and she wanted to me treat her clit with more care. So I can’t please her even with my tongue… I hope one day, one of her lovers will have a mercy on me and show me how to please her…

The evening as usual. A cucky husband has to know where’s​ his place.
She liked the idea of the chastity cage and orders me to lock myself more often. At the begining, she was caring if the cage can hurt me by slowing or even stopping the blood. Now, she doesn’t pay the attention to that aspects of caging and takes the full pleasure of dominating her wimpy husband.

I know she loves and wants to make love with me. She also craves for a rough sex with hot, muscular alpha males with the big cocks, but none of this she finds in or with me. She loves to dance and I know she is dissapointed by me as I can’t to… Even as a lover, I can say I’m good just in pussy licking…
I understand her needs as I know what my disadvantages are. I’m a great friend to her, someone to cuddle and to talk all night. She has to find hot males that will give her the things that lacks in our marriage.

Kitty matched a guy with 7.5 inch cock on Tinder. The first thing he wrote to her was “I have a big cock”. Normal, modest woman would feel uncomfortable and ignore such a provocation, but not my whore wife… She replied “oh, yeah! How long it is?”. He wrote that it’s thick and 7.5 inch long. I see how my wife constantly thinks about it and is very turned on with the thought that he may put his cock deep inside her, up to the cervix… She wants to feel a cock seriously different than mine. Whenever she mentions him, she smiles and I see in her eyes, how she craves for a sex with such well hung man…
She wants to meet with him. I think, I will have to be caged much often… some other, big cock will be pleasing my wife. My dick will be just for laughter…

Day after day, she becomes more dominant and cruel… She likes it and knows that has a total control over me. A dominant woman and a masochistic, submissive man – the perfect marriage 🙂

She has no mercy for my balls and needs. I didn’t know that she will find the “tease and denial” play so enjoyable to her. She has a dominant character and having such submissive hubby brings out her “dark side”. We’re​ a perfect match, a perfect marriage 🙂

One day I asked her whether she was denying the orgasms to her ex boyfriends?
“No, our sex always ended with their ejaculation” – she replied.
“Were they more dominant than me?” – I asked.
“Maybe a little more…” – she said and when a woman replies in that way, “a little more” really means “there was a fucking huge difference like between your and their cocks”.

After she finished torturing my balls with her foot, she started to tease me with licking them. I thought I would explode. My cock was trying to get hard but the cage made that impossible and gave me a lot of pain.

Her soft, wet tongue and gentle licking of my balls was the greatest award. I also felt how she loves me and how the love between sub hubby and a dominant wife can look like.

Lazy evening, just sitting on the couch, Kitty’s doing her nails and squashing my caged, blue balls. I asked her if she likes me caged, “yes” – she replied – “I like the control that I have over you”.

I was sitting naked with my cock cage on… So embarrasing and humiliating view…she put her foot on my locked cock to hide it and not have to look at it.
I wonder if her friends know that I lock my cock in a chastity cage? She is telling them most of the things that are compromising me… It turns me so much and she knows it 🙂

This is how a good cucky waits for his wife. My cock will never be pleased with other woman’s lips or a pussy than my wife’s.
…but her cunt and mouth are the cumdumps for the other men’s cocks… Where’s the justice I ask? 😉

My wife owns me. No cumming without permission.

I love to wear a chastity cage for my wife. When I put in on I can fully feel how submissive I’m to her. That’s the complementary element with an orgasm denial that she is practicing with me. 

Wearing the cage it is impossible for me to touch myself and edge. I feel then truly sexually devoted to her…. her little puppy…