I wait for the day, when I’ll be watching my wife being fucked by the other man. I wish I could kiss her deeply with her mouth full of his seed or to clean her body of his sperm and sweat.
Now my wife prefers to cheat on me when I’m not around. It gives her more privacy with her lovers and it’s turns her on more. She cheats on me only for her pleasure, so there’s no reason for me to be there and watch. She wants to be owned by her lovers and at that time she don’t needs me. I see it like we had “a little divorce” for the time which she spends with the other men. It’s very stressful time for me, the feeling that I lost her for that time, hurts me badly, but it is also very cleansing sensation. Like katharsis. After that, she is comming back home and sees how I hurt and I see how guilty she feels. Then she wants to be punished by the man who loves her, for the things that typical wife shouldn’t do but she did.

I found out that my wife more often tells me about that the other men, that she meets in her work or private, are better than me in some ways. For example, one is very kind for her and that turns her on, even he is not hot phisically, the other is very rich and dominant but old (in his 60ies) but she also wants to have sex with him.
When we met, at the begining of our relation, there were much more things that were making me special for her. Now, in most things, she sees me as an average, if not worse, having the other men as a background. The only thing that still remains is that she loves me the most 🙂

I love when my wife finds a pleasure in other men’s hands. Only there she can find fucking in the way she loves it: hard and rough with the man who can dominate her and let her feel like whore.

One day, one of guys who will fuck my wife, will shoot a huge load in her pussy and she will be drunk so much that she won’t realize that she was fucked bareback… That’s the way in which she will become the mother and I will be the father of OUR child.

The weird thing about our marriage is that my wife knows that I fantasize about her being bred by the other men. She knows that and she likes it 🙂

“I wish you have a bigger cock” – said my wife.
I know that with my 6 inches I’m not a giant, but her needs for the bigger cocks are still growing. It’s going to be harder for her to find the guys with the cocks size that could satisfy her…
But I still have a tongue which knows how to make her cum 😉

“I have to work on my asshole” – my wife told me today. She has a very tight asshole and she wants to be ready for a rough anal sex with the guys with the really big cocks. She will be using our sex toys collection to make it looser and being able to take a fat cock.
The demand for fucking her asshole is still growing and she wants to give her lovers the best fucking ever. She likes anal but the rough ass fucking needs preparation. I’m so proud of her attitude.

“I think I’ll invite Willibald earlier to our place” – my wife said.
“I’ll be so jealous and nervous when he will be with you.” – I replied.
“You should, we will be fucking in our bed and he will fuck me several times that weekend.“
“Will you save his used, filled with his cum, condom for me?”
“It depends. I prefer to swallow” – she said.
“What will you tell him if he finds all my stuff in our place?” – I asked.
“I will tell him that I have a wimp, sissy hubby that doesn’t know how to satisfy me, so I have to cheat on him” – she said.

Do the whores kiss the clients?

One of the things that I’m the most jealous when my wife is cheating on me with the other men is kissing… Even prostitutes don’t kiss their clients, but my whore wife loves to kiss and does it deeply and with passion with all the men who fuck her…
She’s a perfect kisser and one, who may see her kissing a guy, may think that she is kissing the love of her life… So much tenderness, lust and passion…
Fuck, I’m so jealous about it!

I asked my wife to do some rank lists of her best lovers, the biggest cocks, most dominant men, the hottest lovers, the best oral and anal sex in her life. I will write more details about the lists in the next few posts, but the first list, that gave me a lot to think, was “the most dominant men in her life”.
I asked her to be honest to the bone and to rank me on the lists. She did that and it was very hard for me to know what she really thinks of me.
She placed me very low in the most dominant men list… Firstly I was wondering why? Then the answer came very quickly… How a man, who wants to share his own wife with the other men and lick her cunt clean of their cum after they fucked her, be a dominant man?
How a humiliated, wimp cucky can even think of him as of a man, if his wife finds her the real alpha males to fuck her?
Then I realized who I am and where my place is…

My wife took a selfie after fucking with the guy from Holland

My wife took a selfie with the guy from Holland that fucked her with his big cock on the rocks near the beach. The pics of her above I took the day she returned from the vacation. These were the tits that he was licking and enjoying while fucking her from behind.

“I’m dancing with a guy from Germany. I’m going to the rocks with him”

My whore wife just texted me from her vacation in Greece: “I’m dancing with a guy from Germany. I’m going to the rocks with him”. In few minutes she will be fucked on the beach by the rocks by a strange guy from Germany… What a whore!

Tonight is my wife’s penultimate night in Greece. She is now on a party, drunk and willing to fuck.
This week was very hard for me. Her cheating on me turns me on so much but it also hurts me as hell. I’m comming through a nightmare, tomorrow it will end… Now I have to be strong, only two nights left, two chances that I will be cheated…
I haven’t slept well this week, just 2-3 hours a day. Every night I was laying on our bed looking at my phone and waiting for the messages. I was wondering what she was doing and if, maybe, she was fucking at the moment…
I just can’t stand it… It’s too much for me… I envy the single men… All the women cheats or will cheat… If someone wants to live a quiet life, it’s better to be single…
I feel so worthless… She always chooses taller, more handsome and superb build men to fuck her. The men, that turns her on the most, are Germans and Scandinavians. She also has a big cock fetish… Those guys fuck her hard, she is doing for them the things she doesn’t want to do with me. Three days ago a guy fucked her roughly from behind and all that she offered me, after she will come back, is just a blowjob… No fucking from behind, just a little cock sucking. She’s such a slut for those guys and for me she offers just leftovers… Why she is with me? I don’t look like those guys, I don’t have such a big cock as they have, my body isn’t as hot and I fuck her like a sissy… Why in the hell she want’s to be with me???

I know that when we will see eachother on Sunday, I’ll forgive her everything… I love her but this relation is my curse…
…Sunday is so close, I have to be strong… The nightmare will be over…

“Yes, I have a husband”

After the guy from Holland fucked my wife in Greece yesterday, she asked him to take a selfie with her.
“Why do you want that?” – he asked.
“For my husband” – she replied.
The guy was shocked and asked “Do you have a husband?”. “Of course I have” – Kitty replied. The guy didn’t know what to say… A woman after 20 minutes of knowing him, asked him to fuck her and she has a husband! He just have pounded someone’s wife cheating cunt!
I think this guy thinks that my wife is the worst whore he met in his life. I must say, that he’s right, Kitty isn’t a woman that average man would like to marry 🙂 she’s intelligent, beautiful and sexy but she reached the bottom and is just a fuckmeat now…

She wants a rich, old guy to regularly fuck her. Her body is for sale… Sooner or later, my wife will officially become an escort as she will earn her first money for having sex.
The next step would be adding an ad on escorts board website. Do you think this picture is good for that?

The Huge Cocked Vladislav will be given an another chance

Vlad is texting my wife, writing how horny he is and how he craves for her pussy. We think that the last time there was a misunderstanding about the time and the date of the meeting. I told my wife to call him and let him explain himself. If everything will be ok, Kitty will let him pound her cock hungry cunt.
First, she was against that idea, because she is too proud to do that. I told her, that she is a slut and everybody knows that, so she should put her pride into her pocket (or ass) and call Vladislav and ask him to fuck her. She’s a whore, so she should act like one. Her pride means shit to Vladislav, he only wants her cunt for fucking, so it is better for her to be a good girl and beg him for destroying her cunt with his monster cock.

Even if I were the best lover in the World with the biggest cock a man could have, I wouldn’t be able to fully satisfy my wife… She wants A NEW, STRANGE cock to fuck her.
The smell of the new lover’s cock, the taste of his semen and the way he fucks her always will be better than her husband’s…
Today she told me how badly she needs a new cock. She told me that looking straight in my eyes… The eyes of her loving husband…

This is how my wife was waiting for Vlad. He didn’t came

These pictures I took just before I left our apartment.
Guys from Tinder in Poland are wimps and pussies.

Tomorrow my wife will spread her legs for Vladislav (part 2)

Today Vlad texted my wife. They will meet tomorrow, on the 27th of June 2017 at 9PM. The guy seems to be a good alpha male and will give my wife a big load in her mouth. She is a perfect cocksucker so he will cum quickly. My wife said that she will let him rest for a while and then she will suck him hard and bend for him to fuck her. She wants to feel his big, fat cock inside her cunt. 

She told me that she will ask him to take photo of her while doing him a blowjob 🙂 

We also discussed that, she can tell him that she cheats on her husband and that I don’t know how to please her so that is why she is looking for the real men to fuck her regularly.

We hope that Vlad will appear as a real alpha male, a good fucker and will become her regular lover.

…and there will be a gift for me – his used condom full of his prolific semen for me to swallow while my wife will watch.

My wife confessed me that when she meets a new guy, no matter where, the club or on vacation, and she finds him hot and they are starting to flirt (or something more), she forgets about me… Only her lust counts then and she acts like a single woman… Is she still a hotwife or just a whore?