Mind cheating

“I was thinking about Peter while you were fucking me last time” – my wife said to me.

I remember that, suddenly she just closed her eyes and smiled while I was in her. Then she came intensively, thinking about Peter as she told me later.

It must sound strange, but It had turned me so much, knowing that my wife was cheating in her mind having sex with me. I love when she keeps me on the “second place”…

PS. We are still alive, happy and loving couple 🙂

PS2. We are also active on zbiornik.com as the “Canduals”, trying to share cuckoldry idea as well as our private movies with the Polish audience. I will try to put those movies here too. You may check our profile on https://zbiornik.com/Canduals

PS3. We will be back here with lot of new stuff, I promise 🙂

Thursday, October 25, 2018

A torture tool, that is what I see on this pic. That is my wife’s pussy. 

I see and lick it almost every day. I taste her juices, smell its beautiful scent full of her pheromones. Sometimes I can feel the taste of another cock on it or the synthetic taste of a condom and lubricants after she returns from her dates.

 Sometimes it smells and tastes very intensive after a whole day as she asks me to lick her right after she returns home from work. I love to lick her and have my tongue and face sprayed as she squirts while climaxing. 

I adore the feeling that other men also lick her cunt and penetrate her for their pleasure. I love the thought that I am one of the many to have access to my wife’s pussy and have no privileges on that. 

I am a tool for giving her oral pleasures and I have to try very hard, because she can give it up and start masturbate only by herself. It happens more often that she starts to masturbate after I give her oral pleasure. Some time ago she got bored with sex with me, now she starts to get bored with my oral services… I work on it and try to be the best pussy licker for her but I don’t if I can do it. Time will tell…

Why her pussy is a torture for me? Just imagine that you see it, lick it and smell it every day and you are not allowed to penetrate it. Imagine, that you are not allowed to cum either. That is a torture. Sweet, delightful and hot as fuck, but a torture.

Then my wife gives me a deep greeting kiss with all that phisiological liquids that her lover left in her stomach…

Peter, my wife’s regular lover, asked by her what he wouldn’t want to do in sex, said that it was anal. It reminds him his ex girlfriend, who wanted to fuck only that way. How could a man say to a woman so sexy as my wife is, that he won’t fuck her in the ass? She wants her ass to be pounded and hoped that he would do it regularly…
Fortunately, there are other guys who are ready to use her tight ass 😉

22nd of July 2018 (Sunday), 11:55 PM

My wife is on the vacation in Hersonissos (Crete, Greece) – day 5 (night)

20 minutes ago my wife texted me that she’s going out to a club with her friends right now. She also sent me these pics. That’s how she is dressed for tonight – this dress gives an easy access to her tits 🙂

I’ll be sending updates if something happens tonight 🙂

On the 18th of July 2018, my wife goes for a week on vacation to Hersonissos (Crete, Greece) with her friends. She wants to be there a total whore, a cum bag, and a cock sucker. She also gave herself a challenge: she wants to be fucked by seven guys (blowjob counts as fucking too).
She craves for brutal and animal sex there. Her goal is to come back home tanned, fucked well and with some bruises on her knees, ass and face… and maybe with a surprise in her belly 😉

One more photo that my wife sent me after Peter left our home. He really knows how to satisfy a woman. It was so sensual, full of kisses, but also a hard sex yesterday. My wife, while telling me about it, used the words “we were making love”. She never used that words before to describe an intercourse with an other man than me. I’m glad that my wife has such a great lover…

My wife is fucking with her lover right now

July 5, 2018 8:06 PM CET

Peter, my wife’s lover, has just entered our home. He will start fucking my wife in the next 40 minutes or less.

Today my wife phoned her lover, Peter. She asked him to fuck her on next Tuesday (3rd of July 2018). I’m away from home and I come back on 7th of July.
I talked with her two hours ago and she told me everything they spoke. At the beginning of the conversation he was a bit nervous and said that he thought that she was angry on him. My wife said that isn’t true and the rest of conversation went as follows:
My wife (MW): “Do you want to meet with me in Tuesday?”

Peter (P): “Yes, very much. I’ll pick you up after work”

MW: “OK, but we will go to my place”

P: “I don’t know, I don’t feel comfortable that it’s going to happen in your house.”

MW: “I don’t want to be fucked in your car anymore, it was fun and spontaneous the first time, but I have a place for meetings.”

P: “But, you know, it’s your house, it’s not right…”

MW: “Is it alright that you fuck me? It doesn’t matter where it happens. What matters is that you fuck me. Do you really think that fucking me is ‘more okay’ in your car than in my house?”

P: “OK, maybe you’re right, but what with your husband?”

MW: “He’s not a problem, I told you that. He knows, that he’s not allowed to come back home until I phone and let him return. By the way, he is away from home for two weeks, so he’s not a problem for us.”

P: “Alright, I think it’s a good idea and I have to get used to that we will be meeting at your home”.

At the end of our conversation I asked my wife: “Do you lust for him?”
“Yes, I’m very horny and I really want him” – she said.
“If I was around, would you choose me or him?” – I asked.
“I want something new, so I would choose him”.

That’s a cuckold’s life, I don’t blame my wife, that I got bored to her. There are men around her that are taking my place in her sexual life. That’s good.

My wife’s new blouse gives a quick access to her tits for the guys dancing with her in the clubs.

Thursday, May 17

Tomorrow my wife has a sex date with her coworker (the one who fucked her in his car). He is going to pick her up at 4:30 PM CET from her office. He told her that he managed a place for meeting.
I asked my wife if she could do him a hairjob and let him cum on her hair. She agreed 🙂 She will have to go back home with his cum in her hair and every met neighbor will see and smell that (especially in our elevator).
She also is going to let him fuck her bareback a little bit. She wants to leave her scent on him so that his wife may smell that he cheated on her.

Saturday, May 12
Whose wife is going to the club tonight? Mine!
She told me that she really craves for sex with a stranger tonight. She will go there after midnight CET with her friends. I hope she will be fucked good, especially that she has her fertile days 🙂

“I was wondering what turns me on the most in men who fuck me? And I came to a conclusion that it’s because they are married or have girlfriends. I get especially turned on when I know that they are daddies. It’s so exciting that they cheat on their spouses with me” – my wife said to me. She’s a really bad woman.

PS. Mr Consultant cancelled today’s date with my wife. He apologized her, but his business trip prolonged and he had to stay tonight in a different city. They will meet next week.

Tuesday, May 8

Do you remember the posts about my wife’s first date with the consultant, who’s doing some legal stuff at her work? I wrote about it in this post and this one

Today he called my wife when she was at work and proposed her a meeting on Thursday. He insisted that it has to be after work hours 🙂 My wife agreed and they will have a second date. She wants to end it with him inside her 🙂

Tomorrow to my wife’s office will come her coworker, who fucked her last week in his car. If my wife would have an easy day, she will go with him for a “lunch”… some sperm will be served 🙂 She said that she will go with him to a less populated part of the building and give him a blowjob…

“ Will you give him a blowjob if he invited you for a lunch?” – I asked.

“If we’ll go for a lunch then I will for sure give him a head… and there will be no lunch, just sucking his cock” – my wife replied.

My wife came back home from her last date, during which her coworker fucked her in his car. Right after she entered through the doors, she put her hand under my nose and said:
“Do you smell his cock?”
“Did you touched his cock with this hand?” – I asked.
“A lot, while giving him a blowjob” – she replied and I started licking her hand trying hard not to spurt into my pants…

April 19, 2018 – my wife will have a date with her coworker

My wife has a date with her coworker on 19th of April 2018. He called her today and confirmed the meeting. They will meet at 6PM in the city center an he proposed that they could take a walk because the weather will be great. He will be by car, so my wife thinks that he will try to take her outside the city and fuck her in car or in the wood. I’ll  be posting updates 🙂

Last Sunday on the after-party, when my wife was fucked by the guy at her friend’s apartment, everyone knew what was going on when she and that guy disappeared in one of the rooms… She told me that all the guests were looking at her with disrespect… They all knew that my wife is married and she cheated on me with the guy, who has a fiancee.

April 15, 5:56 AM
My wife was quickly fucked on the afterparty

Today my wife was on a party with her friends in a club. About 4:30AM, they decided to leave and go to one of her friends apartment for the afterparty.

They appeared there about 5:00 AM. My wife decided to go home, so she went to one of the rooms to call a cab. She was sitting on the bed, while one of her friend’s boyfriend came in. He sat behind her and said that he is glad, that she didn’t go home yet. My wife asked “why?” and he said “that’s why” and started to kiss her. She reached behind and groped his ass. They stood up and my wife pulled down her pants and undressed. She was completely naked staying in front of him. He groped her tits and said that they are great. They were kissing and he put his fingers in her cunt. My wife got on her knees and started to suck his cock and lick balls. He said that she’s good at doing it. 

She leaned on a windowsill and sticked out her ass towards him. He started to lick her pussy from behind and put fingers in her pussy. She told me that he was doing it real good. He was completely dressed, just his cock was pulled out. Then he put on a condom and started to fuck my wife from behind. She was very wet and climaxed very quick. Then she got on her knees and started to suck his cock and lick balls. He had a little bigger cock than mine. He said that she sucks real good and then he cummed in her mouth. She swallowed it all. His cum was a little sour she told me.

Then he told her that it happened so fast and he hopes that his girlfriend doesn’t get to know about it. My wife said that three people will know about it for sure. He was surprised and asked her who will be the third person? My wife told him that it will be me, because she lives in a cuckold marriage and she cheats on me but always tells me about it…
When he left and my wife got dressed up, she called me and told me every detail. She also told me that she will bring me gifts: a photo of the room, where it took place and his used condom…

It all happened an hour ago!

8th of April 2018: My wife was fucked for three hours by a guy from Germany

So it happened once more, my wife had a one night stand with a guy met in a club.

But let’s get back to the beginning:

On the 7th of April 2018 my wife and her two slutty friends, met at one their place, were drinking a whisky and talking about girly stuff. They did a “before party” to get into the mood and then they had plans to go to a club.

At 0:08 AM 8th of April (as the day turned into the 8th of April) they decided to leave the house and take a taxi to the club. My wife was very horny and wanted to meet a guy for fucking. Just before they left, my wife texted me, leaving me no doubts, that she would be on a “big cock hunt” tonight:

“ We are going out 😀  8=======>”

They went to the first club. At that time, there was a huge crowd of partying people there. The girls went to the bar and drank few shots. Then they started to dance. After a while, a young, tall, well build and handsome, a blonde guy started to dance with my wife. In the beginning, he was subtle and didn’t even touched her. They started to talk. His name was… ok, I promised my wife that I would be discreet, so let’s call him “Herr A” or short “H.A.”, because he was from Germany. He was 22 years old. They were dancing and  H.A. started to touch my wife’s ass and tits. Then he turned her over and started to kiss her. He pushed her toward the wall and they were kissing passionately on the dancefloor. Everybody saw as my wife picked up the guy and was cheating on me.

A few moments later, my wife went to the bar for a drink and met rest of the girls. They decided to leave the club and go to another one.

At the other club, they drank a few shots. My wife felt that the alcohol did its job. She was going upstairs while she met Herr A. He said that it was a luck that they met in the other club so it had to be something like a destiny.  They started dancing and kissing.

After a while, he said that he’s leaving next day and going back to Germany. So my wife asked him: “Would you like to fuck me or not?”. “I dream about it” – he said and they left the club.  Before entering the taxi my wife texted me:

“I’m going to a hotel to fuck with a guy from Germany 😀 I love you :* ”

H.A. called  a few hotels and was asking for free rooms. He booked one and they went there by taxi.

It was about 3:40 AM as they entered the room. My wife took off her coat and they started to kiss, standing in a small hall by the door. Then she took off her blouse and bra. He started groping her tits hard and suck her nipples. After a while, my wife took off her shoes, pants, and panties. He did the same and they lay on the bed. My wife started giving him a blowjob. He had a rather big and fat cock and my wife enjoyed very much sucking it and licking his balls. He was surprised how good cocksucker my wife is and complimented her very much. He said that she gave him the best blowjob he ever had.

H.A. started to kiss my wife, grope her tits and suck her nipples. He was doing it brutally, squeezing hard her breasts. She pushed his head down to give him a sign that she wants her cunt to be licked. He was doing cunnilingus very awkwardly, he couldn’t find clit with his tongue. My wife was disappointed by his oral skills, so she  asked him to put on a condom. He said that he has only one condom and but it was very old so my wife gave him one of hers. Then she laid on her back and he was on top. H.A. pushed his cock vigorously into my wife’s cunt. She felt pain but she was too turned on to stop him. He was pounding her hard and she braced her legs around him. He fucked her hard and long in that position, squeezing and playing with her tits.

He was very turned on by my wife’s tits and he was groping them hard and was very painfully sucking her nipples. Then he pulled my wife’s legs up and put them on his shoulders. He holded them by her ankles and was fucking her like that few minutes. She was quietly moaning as he was deeply penetrating her cunt. My wife asked him to lay on his back and jumped on top of him. She was riding his cock and he was playing with her tits. She climaxed very intensively and she needed to rest for a while.

They took a break and talked a bit. He was asking her about her past and she told him how many guys have fucked her and about her vacation sex when she picked up the guys and had sex with them after 15 minutes after meeting them for the first time. He said that she’s a slut, what she confirmed. He also asked if she likes cocks and she said that yes. Then he asked her how does she find his cock and she told him that it’s big and fat but she finds it rather average compared to the bigger ones that she had inside her. He reacted a bit nervously and asked if she saw bigger cocks than his? So she told him that it wasn’t long ago and it was the guy’s on vacation (Rick), who fucked her on the beach by the rocks. He was bigger but not the biggest one in her life. She also told him, that she likes being slapped in her face and when men beat her and treat like a whore. He asked her if she could have sex for money or for some career profits and my wife said that she finds nothing wrong in having sex for career benefits… and she’s going to do it. He was disgusted and said that she’s a dirty slut. She considered it a compliment 🙂

After the talk, my wife sucked his cock hard and put a condom on it. She had to use her condom because the guy had only one. Then she bent and asked him to fuck her doggy style.

He fucked her from behind like an animal, hard and very powerful. His hips and balls were slapping loudly on her ass and cunt. He was slapping her ass with hand, so it became sore and red. It hurt her very much as he was giving her powerful slaps one after another. She felt it so painful and so good at one time that she had her second orgasm. Then she moved on the floor and kneeled before him. She took off his condom and started to suck him. She begged him to slap her face, but he said that he can’t do that because it’s against his moral rules (slapping her ass until the bruises appeared was ok but slapping the face is immoral – what the fuck?).

She sucked him hard, licked his balls while having a full eye contact with him. Suddenly she felt that his cock starts to pulsate so she took it from her mouth and let him cum all over her face and hair. She wanted to gather the sperm from her face and swallow it, but he was quicker and wiped her with a tissue (what disappointed her very much because she wanted to taste his sperm).

When she left the hotel she texted me:

“I’m going home :* I was fucking very long…. I need to be punished very hard.. I love you :* I’m a whore!”

That guy fucked hard my wife for 3 hours (from 3:40AM until 6:30AM)… She came to me with bruises, ass red from spanking, and sore cunt. She couldn’t stand me licking her pussy, because it hurt her so much… She barely could sit on ass… and one more thing: her neck hurt from doing him blowjobs…

My wife – a real whore. Definitely.