Kissing on the dance floor

Three weeks ago my wife went to her parent’s house to spend the weekend with them. She also got in plans to go out with the girls on Saturday night. Her mother generally is a bit suspicious about her daughter (my wife) and suspects that she is cheating on me, what is a fact as you know. They had a dinner and her mother asked my wife:

“Do you want some garlic sauce?” – her mother asked.

“No Mum, I want to kiss tonight” – my wife said, what was truth, because she wanted to pick up a guy for sex that night. Her mother smiled and tried to think that her daughter, a married woman, joked. She wasn’t.

Later that evening, Kitty and her friends went to a club. There was a new girl with them – Amy, who was one of Kitty’s friend’s friend. She met Kitty for the first time, but knew that she has been married for a long time.

The girls did a little “before party” at Amy’s house. They drank rum with cola and some whiskey. A dangerous mix, if you know what I mean 😉

At the club, my wife was having fun at the dance floor. A very young, tall and handsome guy started to dance with her. He was behind and she was dancing in front. They were having a little smalltalk and the guy disappeared. He went for a drink with his buddies.

After a while, he was dancing with my wife again. They were in the middle of the dance floor, dancing sensually. He was kissing my wife deep and put his hand in her panties. He was touching her ass, grabbing it and pulling to himself. She was feeling his erected penis as he was pushing it into her pubic mound.

It all happened in front of all my wife’s friends. They have seen everything, but Amy was shocked. She asked her friend if it was true that Kitty had a husband? She got “yes” as an answer. She couldn’t stop staring at my wife with that guy and was so shocked and disgusted of my wife’s behavior. Frankly, my wife didn’t do anything that wrong, she didn’t even give that guy a hand job on the dance floor (what she did once to a guy).

Sadly, the guy was too drunk to take my wife to a hotel and pound her filthy cunt… 🙁

Saturday, September 15, 2018

My wife + ovulation + saturday night + friends + girls’ night out = ?…
…fucking with random guys!
My wife is so excited about tonight’s evening. She told me that she feels so horny and knows that it is because she ovulates today. She wants to be fucked tonight…
“Would you fuck a little more risky tonight? I love the thrill that you could be impregnated today, it’s your most fertile day” – I asked my wife.
“What do you mean?” – she asked.
“…you know, to let someone to fuck you without a condom… It can be only a few pushes bareback deep inside you… I love the thought that someone else would impregnate you today” – I begged her.
“Oh… yes… ok, I can do that 🙂 ” – she replied with a smile. She really liked the idea.

22nd of July 2018 (Sunday), 11:55 PM

My wife is on the vacation in Hersonissos (Crete, Greece) – day 5 (night)

20 minutes ago my wife texted me that she’s going out to a club with her friends right now. She also sent me these pics. That’s how she is dressed for tonight – this dress gives an easy access to her tits 🙂

I’ll be sending updates if something happens tonight 🙂

Saturday, May 12
Whose wife is going to the club tonight? Mine!
She told me that she really craves for sex with a stranger tonight. She will go there after midnight CET with her friends. I hope she will be fucked good, especially that she has her fertile days 🙂

2018.03.25 1.34 AM
Kitty was in the club tonight.
Half hour ago I got a message form her:

“I kissed with one guy, but somewhere in the club was his girlfriend, so nothing more happened!!!! He told me that I am beautiful and he could fuck me all night long 😉 Considering that nothing serious happened, I will let you cum only when I will do something more next time!!! Love you :* PS. He was groping my ass while kissing me”.

So my wife was kissing with some guy, whose girlfriend was around. If she wasn’t there, my wife would probably be choking with his cock in the toilet.

…but that guy didn’t cummed, so I also have no right to ejaculate…