Saturday, September 22, 2018

I was cuddling my wife. We were kissing and looking at eachother with such love, that we felt it in every cell of our bodies. I felt that I have to say something to my wife, something very important:
“I love you, I dream about having a baby with you, to give it a life in your tummy…” – I said.
“You want to have a baby with me? You want to to impregnate me?” – she started to laugh – “I will never give you a baby! You are my loving cucky and cuckies don’t pass their genes to the next generation! I love you but that’s something I won’t agree” – she continued and then kissed and cuddled me.
One may think that was one of the cruellest things that a wife can say to a husband. But that’s not what I think. My wife loves me and fully accepts me as a cuckold. She knows that sometimes I act some male’s behavior, but it isn’t true me. She knows me better and stops the thoughts that doesn’t really match my personality. That is why I love her even more.
…and the baby thing: I’m sure that one day she will want somebody to fertilize her or it will be an accidental thing. Then I will become a father for that child.

“I was wondering what turns me on the most in men who fuck me? And I came to a conclusion that it’s because they are married or have girlfriends. I get especially turned on when I know that they are daddies. It’s so exciting that they cheat on their spouses with me” – my wife said to me. She’s a really bad woman.

PS. Mr Consultant cancelled today’s date with my wife. He apologized her, but his business trip prolonged and he had to stay tonight in a different city. They will meet next week.

“Are you horny and want to fuck me?” – my wife asked me when we were in the bathroom as she saw the boner in my pants. She was naked after shower and I couldn’t stop staring at her.
“Yes, I dream about it!” – I replied with an enthusiasm and had hope that she will let me make love to her.
“In fact, I doesn’t care” – she said and looked at me with contempt.

Today we’ve made a new agreement: if she wants to be fucked by her bulls in our marital bed, I have to leave our house and return when she calls me. We also stated that she doesn’t have to care about me when she is being fucked and she can be with her lover in our house as long as she wants. It’s up to me to find for myself a place to spend the night or I can simply sleep in our car.