It must be such a turn on for a man to know that he’s fucking someone’s else girlfriend or wife. He can be sure that he’s better than him and theoretically can impregnate her. She chose him and that’s for a reason. He should be so proud of himself, that a married woman, by the act of cheating, gives him a proof that he’s better than her husband.

I wonder how many of you, dear followers, have seen Kitty on Tinder while visiting Poland? She’s on Tinder for a reason, not just for showing off her pics. She really is looking for the hot guys and wants to be fucked by them.

Sex is just a pretending of nature’s procreation act. Cheating is not all about just pleasure, deep inside her subconscious she wants his baby. It’s just we, people,  as the intelligent creatures, fool ourselves that sex is just for fun. No, it isn’t. Women select the best males for giving them the baby and the other men to raise them. My wife for example, doesn’t want me to penetrate her often, but prefers to give me blowjobs. Her

subconscious stops her to let me put my seed in her. It’s not good enough… But with the newly met guys, she wants to be penetrated every time. She sees in me a good provider but not a stud, the male, which can give her his potent and valuable sperm.  

I thought lately that cum denial makes my sex life more intensive and helps me to serve better to my wife. Most men, who don’t cum, are getting the level of testosterone that makes them aggressive and more dominant. Cucky husband like me is different. The longer period of denial makes me more submissive and I can reach really pathetic levels. But my wife likes to have such a submissive puppy at home. Puppies lick good, but you don’t have sex with them. Sex is with the Bulls.

I hope when my wife will find a regular boyfriend, he won’t be so jealous and will share her with me

Strange cock is always better than the known one

“Rough sex with you will never be as good as with the strange guys. I know that you love me and will never hurt me, but with those guys I can never be sure what will happen” – that’s what I heard from my wife, when I asked her if she likes when I try to fuck her hard…

“Tomorrow I’m going to meet with K. and I have to say her that Vlad appeared to be much worse pussy than you are. ” – my wife told me. K. is one of her best female friends. K. knows all about our hotwife’n’cuckold marriage. Thanks to my wife, she also knows that her best friend’s husband is a pathetic, wimpy sissy…

She keeps me denied for the long periods of time. I think it’s her additional “insurance” that I will stay faithful. She knows that I’m so horny that I would cum like teenager in my pants if a woman even talked something to me dirty… That would be so embarrasing for me, so she knows it’s safer for me to be faithful and let only her see as I cum in three seconds… Of course, she will laugh at me, but it will be all in family…

My wife came home today and the first thing what she did was grabbing my crotch and checking if I wear the chastity.
“Why don’t you have your cock cage on?!” – she asked very upset.
“I just came home from work, my Dear, I didn’t manage to put it on yet” – I whispered regretful.
“Put it on, NOW!” – she looked at me and in her eyes I saw that she’s very serious.
I have put my cage on and she checked it once more.
Then we talked about Vlad, who wants her doggy style. I said that she doesn’t allow me to fuck her from behind. She smiled contemptuously and said: “you are a wimp, submissive cuck and fuck me like a sissy. Only real men can fuck me doggy style”.
Then I begged her to allow me lick her pussy. She came, but wasn’t satisfied with my licking. I did it too hard and she wanted to me treat her clit with more care. So I can’t please her even with my tongue… I hope one day, one of her lovers will have a mercy on me and show me how to please her…

Today we were sitting on the quay. The talk went to the big cocks topics. She told me that she has a friend that fucks only with the black men and she told her that most of them have big and massive cocks.
As far as I remember, she wasn’t in the BBC stuff, but today she told me that she wants to try. It’s all about big cocks, she got crazy about it. So many years with the regular size as mine, can be boring and unsatisfying for every woman. Now she wants to fill her cunt with a cock that will make her moan with every single move it will do.

I think something is wrong with me… When I think about my wife’s lovers, the thought of them impregnating her, make my cock rock hard…
I know that she doesn’t want to have a baby at all, but I also know that the hormones do the job and the nature goes it’s own way, so her body wants to be knocked up.
Such young, stunning and healthy woman is just made for giving birth to many babies… So her mind says “no” but her womb yelds “knock me up!”. Her subconscious whispers her that her husband may be infertile, because he is fucking her for so many years without any effect. That’s why she wants to procreate with the other men. She chooses young, healthy and perfect looking males, because they can give her what a woman her age really craves: the best genetic material. If you would only have a chance to see how my wife behaves when she meets a new guy, you will admit that I am right…
One thing is sure, if she will be knocked up one day, it won’t be clear that it will be a baby of mine in her belly… But no risk, no fun, I will rise with love any baby that her womb will give to the World. And it’s not because that I am a kinky freak, but because I love her so much and this will be OUR baby.

Vladislav confirmed to my wife that he’ll come to fuck her tomorrow at 9pm. Now my wife is in the other room talking about it with her friend. I hear as she laugh telling her about him.
I had my cock caged and I’m starting to clean our apartment for her tomorrow’s guest. I have to change the sheets on bed, so Vlad could feel comfortable fucking my wife in our marital bed.
Tomorrow I’ll leave home and will be waiting in our car. My wife knows that she doesn’t have to care about me and can stay with Vlad until the morning. I will wait for her permission to come back home…

I know she loves and wants to make love with me. She also craves for a rough sex with hot, muscular alpha males with the big cocks, but none of this she finds in or with me. She loves to dance and I know she is dissapointed by me as I can’t to… Even as a lover, I can say I’m good just in pussy licking…
I understand her needs as I know what my disadvantages are. I’m a great friend to her, someone to cuddle and to talk all night. She has to find hot males that will give her the things that lacks in our marriage.

Real men fuck, but she wants me just to lick her pussy…

Text message from my wife: “I have just matched with some muscular, tattooed guy on Tinder. He’s Spanish”.
I think I’ll meet my wife at Sunday with some Spanish cum inside her belly 😉

Weekend. I asked my wife if she wants to go to the club tonight with her friends? She confirmed.
“Poor girl, you won’t be able to play with the guys, if you know what I mean…” – I said.
“Why I’m not able to play?” – she asked.
“You have the period”- I replied.
“I’m a big girl now and know how to play with men when I’m having one” – she said.
“You’ll be doing blowjobs?” – I asked.
“Yes, I like doing them” – my wife replied.
When I met her years ago, she was doing blowjobs only to her official boyfriends. The one night dates’ cocks weren’t even touched by her lips… She was despising the girls who gives blowjobs to the men, that they met just a moment ago. She was saying that they are a “toilet cocksuckers” and doesn’t have class.
Now she became such a cocksucking whore…

My wife regularly meets with her friends. They don’t have any secrets and love to talk about their sex life. When Kitty was single, she was telling them all about her dates and how did they fucked her. Nothing changed since then. She is showing them the pictures of her lovers on Tinder and tells them how they fucked​ her and how big cocks they have. She is acting like a single, slutty woman, completely forgetting that she’s married and some stories should stay in our bedroom. Her friends, at the begining when she became a married woman, felt confused but they used to it and acting like her husband doesn’t exists.
It very humiliating for me, but it turns me on. It completes the way how a dominant wife should treat her husband. If she thinks that her hubby should know his place in the hierarchy, so it’s clear that her friends should think the same.

My wife is the first woman, that I know, who openly admits that she’s a hose. She loves to fuck and to change cocks.
She used to change her lovers very often, because she was bored.
We love very much, but my body and my cock are no exception and also bored her. That’s why she is still looking for the new guys.
I asked her if she wants to change it how do we live and became faithful? “No! I like it!” – she replied. I have nothing to do just to fullfill her wish 🙂

Once she came to me and said an interesting fact about the young male model that fucked her (let’s call him X, I wrote about it in this post): “Do you know that X is in the top 10 Polish modeling discoveries? I read about it on the Internet”.

So you know, if I’m writing that “my wife chooses hot guys” now you know how hot they are. Unfortunately, I can’t post his pictures here, even though they are publicly available on the Internet…

Her subconscious chooses the best genes and the best seed, but she’s trying to “cheat” on nature by using the condoms and swallowing the cum. In fact, X could fuck a pretty and healthy baby into my wife 😉

I texted my wife that my balls are blue and I suffer as hell. I know that she likes to know that and my suffering gives her a lot of pleasure. But I was very surprised when she replied: “oh no! I feel so bad for you, maybe I will fuck Gabriel before my trip to Berlin, so you’ll be able to cum?”. You know, she forbided me to cum unless she will fuck some new guy. Gabriel is her new match on Tinder, so maybe she will let him fuck her until Wednesday so then maybe she will let me cum before she leaves to Berlin at Thursday.
As you see, sometime Kitty has some mercy for me 🙂
But it can be just her another trick to make me suffer more and after being fucked by Gabriel she will tell me that she was lying and I’m still not allowed to cum…