“You are pissed off because they earn much more than you and they fuck your wife?”

My wife is a real star at her company she works. She is very smart, intelligent and has a high position. She works mainly with men and they adore her very much. Two of her close coworkers are her regular lovers and the next two will be them sooner or later.

It’s funny how they compete with each other for my wife’s favors. They even work at nights just to complete the tasks my wife asks them to do, which aren’t urgent but they want to impress my wife. I think she should have a bonus from her boss because she motivates those guys better than any other things could.

Her lovers from work, don’t know that the other one has an affair with my wife, so there are often funny situations (I’ll write about it another time). The next guy my wife wants to fuck is a friend of her lover and she thinks he knows everything. That’s good, because my wife likes him very much and wants to “know him better”.

She uses to tell me about them almost every day. She tells me funny stories from her work day, the things they did or how they were picking her up. I like to hear when they tell my wife on her ear, after official meetings, that they want to fuck her cunt or put their cocks in her mouth…

One day she told me about how much the guys at her work earn… They earn from two to three times more than I do. That made me jealous about her even more… She noticed that and said:

“So what? It pisses you off because they earn much more than you and in addition they fuck your wife?”- she asked me with a mocking smile.

“Yes… I thought that maybe ‘as a provider’ I am better than them…”

“You silly… You are not better than them. The only thing you are better is that you belong to me and you are my personal pet and you can serve me whenever I want. ” – she said.

“Oh, I understand… Maybe you’d rather be with a man like them?” – I asked.

“If I did not have you, I would be a single, but I like to have such a submissive sissy by my side. You are no better than them and you’ll never be. That’s why they fuck me. But that’s ok, I don’t want you to be like them. ” – she replied.

“Are you sure? Are you ok with that I am such a sissy?”

“I wouldn’t like to live with a guy like them. When I’m horny I want that kind of man to fuck me, but I don’t want to live with him under one roof. I like a sissy like you at home. You obey me and serve me as I want. I’m happy with that” – she told me and gave me her foot to kiss.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

It was evening as usual. I was sitting on the sofa, my wife was next to me. She had uncaged my cock just after she returned from work, so I was feeling very comfortable.
Suddenly she put her foot on my pants, just where my cock was. I have to add that I didn’t cum for more than three weeks, so my balls were full. My cock got hard immediately. She felt that under her foot and smiled. Then she started to press my cuck-clitty with her foot looking straight into my eyes. I felt so good but I started to panic because I knew that I wasn’t going to stand it without cumming. She pressed me harder (it was about fifth or sixth move of her foot on my cock) as I felt that my cock spurted a three-week load right into my pants. She removed her foot and started to laugh.
“Oh, my sissy boy got wet in his pants… What a little pussy of you… You got wet like a teenager … It is so embarrassing… Go and clean yourself.” – my wife said with sarcasm. I knew that cumming without her permission will have its consequences… It all happened two days ago and I’m still waiting for my punishment…

Monday, October 1, 2018

Denying me sex by my wife is very humiliating for me as for her husband, especially that she has it with other men. But sometimes having a sex gives me more shame than staying with my balls full… 

Last weekend my wife was in a great mood. She let me lick her pussy, then she let me see as she masturbates having my face very close to her cunt. She climaxed and squirted all over my face. I was trying to catch the fountain of squirt into my mouth and it was delicious. Then she said something that I didn’t expect: 

“Put a condom on!”

I thought that I’m in heaven! It was really going to happen, she would let me fuck her!

I put the condom on, she was on her back looking at me. She put her legs on my shoulders and I pushed my cock inside her. It was such a tight, wet and warm feeling… I was so thankful and felt breezes of pleasure bursting on me as my cock was doing first move deep inside her.

She moaned and looked at me with a pity. I paused on my first move inside her pussy as she started asking me:

“Is my little doggie so horny that it can’t stand the pleasure? Is my little boy  going to spurt like a teenage loser? Is that what is going to happen now?” – she was looking straight in my eyes saying that.

It was too much for me… I felt so disgraced and suddenly a wave of pleasure ran through my body and I couldn’t stop it. My balls thrown a huge load into my wife… Just one move in her pussy was enough to end that amazing adventure that I was hoping it could last a couple of hours… Such a shame… I thought I was going to cry… She pushed me back hard and my cock popped out off her cunt, slapping around with the loose condom filled with my sperm.

“I knew it would happen! Two moves and the sack is dry! Oh, I’m sorry, one move was enough for you! You are really pathetic… You can’t compete with any guy that fucked me!” – she said it to me with her low, calm and dominant voice. Then she added:

“Now take that condom off, go to the bathroom and wash that useless thing you call a cock!” – she told me and covered herself with quilt.

I did as she ordered and got back to our bedroom. I slipped into the bed and cuddled to her. She turned to me, smiled and said:

“I love the loser you are… Sex with you is such different from those I have with my lovers. You have given me a lot of fun tonight… I love you”

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sometimes my wife’s cunt is so sore after a night with a guy, that she even doesn’t lets me to lick her. It just hurt her too much. That was the day after she has been fucked by a guy from Germany who had taken her to a hotel and was fucking her for about four hours. Or after she had came home from the vacation on which another guy from Germany fucked and abused her by the rocks on a beach. There are a lot of examples, but one thing is sure: she loved every of that events.
Yesterday evening we were relaxing and cuddling. Suddenly my wife started to mention the most harcore and intensive fucks she ever had. I thought that my little cock will explode because of the things my ears have heard… She had a lot of fun seeing me horny and hurt at the same moment, pathetic as usual. As pathetic as she likes me the most.

23rd of July 2018 (Monday) 10:51 PM

My wife is on the vacation in Hersonissos (Crete, Greece) – day 6

I asked my wife how big Antoine’s cock was… She replied me with this picture. She asked her friend to take this photo telling her, that she wants to show me that guy’s size. I bet they had laugh on me and how pathetic cuckold I am…

We were lying in the bed and my wife asked me:
“Do you dream of impregnating me?”
“Oh, yes my love!” – I replied excited that she might want to plan a baby with me.
“Do you know, that because I fuck with other men, there’s a chance that someone else will put a baby in me?” – she replied with a malicious smile on her face.

“Do you really enjoy to have such a submissive husband? I’m worried that you may be doing something to please me, what you in fact doesn’t like or need” – I texted my wife when she was at work. I was worried that she may want to be with a real man not a sissy.

“Don’t think too much, sweetie, I really enjoy humiliating you every day more and more” – she replied.

The important thing as a guy is to know that he is able to fully sexually satisfy his woman. Being a cuckold means that you accept the fact that other men can please your wife and most probably, they will do it much better…

She loves how I get horny when I don’t cum for a long periods of time. She uses to say that it makes me a better puppy, more submissive and pathetic (what she really likes).
My wife showed me that a man can have a fantastic sexual life, without being even touched by a woman and without ejaculating for weeks. I’m glad she opened my eyes for the experiences that I never had with a woman. I’m totally sexually frustrated but very happy. I love to be owned by my wife and be fully submissive to her. I’m her faithful and loving puppy 🙂

Does it counts as a fucking my wife or it’s just masturbating her? I could barely feel anything and of course I wasn’t allowed to cum.
This cock-extender makes me look pathetic but it can give my wife a bit pleasure if she closes her eyes and thinks of her lovers, who fucked her with their cocks this size or even bigger.

My wife’s pussy feels so tight, warm and wet… I’m so jealous about the men who dumped their seed in her… Every time she lets me put my cock inside her I think about the other men who were stretching her pussy and were pushing their cocks deep inside her, hearing the music of her moans… It would be so right if one of them would impregnate her… the best one of them all…

My sperm is only good as a snack or a beverage. It shouldn’t be used for impregnation. A beta male like me has a beta sperm as well… So would any woman risk of being seeded by it? My wife also thinks that way.

Vasectomy for a cucky husband?

I fantasize about my wife knowing a bull, a surgeon, and he would do me a vasectomy. Then he would spend the nights in our marital bed with my wife when they have time and will. He would know that he would be unquestionably the alpha male who can impregnate my wife. And if he would be jealous about that I may want to fuck my wife when he’s not around, he could castrate me, so my cock would stay flaccid forever.

I think about my wife’s bull humilaing me in front of my wife. As he orders me to fuck myself with a fat dildo while they watch and laugh.
And at the end of the night, he would order me to lay on the floor on my back, spread my legs out wide and he would kick my balls hard until his hits would spurt my sperm out the balls…

One of the followers gave me an idea of serving my wife and her bull as an urinal, so they wouldn’t have to leave the bed if they want to piss. I would drink my wife’s piss and so her bull’s, just from his thick cock. After such night my belly would be full of their urine and my balls full of my weak sperm.

Would you let me suck your cock in front of my wife? To please you before you’ll fuck her? That would be the best act of submission to your authority and supremacy… Then you’ll own my wife. Look at her picture, don’t you want her?

Every time I cum on my wife’s feet, I have to clean them with my tongue. I don’t know which part of it I adore the most 🙂 

I would love to meet with a few men with a foot fetish and let them all cum on my wife’s feet. Then I would lick them clean of their sticky cum, while they all watching and making fun of me… It would depreciate and humiliate me as a man in my wife’s eyes… 

I want everyone know how sissy husband I am. She will tell it to her lovers and the gossip will do the rest…

I wish my wife will meet a guy with an impregnation fetish and somehow he will manage to knock her up. Maybe a condom will “break” or he will use her bareback when she will be drunk?


at the moment

someone is fucking your wife, seconds flow like hours. It’s the most frustrating and stressful time and you wish it would end. You know that the other man is now in the control and he will do with your wife whatever he wants. And she doesn’t think of you in that moment, she is fully owned by him. There’s no place for you, when they are fucking. No place for the three. Just the two of them: your wife and the man who owns her.