My wife loves to deny me orgasms and uses me only for giving her pleasure (mostly orally). I remember one of last time that she didn’t even touched my cock or done anything that could give me a psychical pleasure (not including kissing) for the whole month. After longer period of time of keeping my balls full, she offers me “mercy” and lets me fuck her (with penetration). She’s cruel and she knows how it always ends. I always cum after a couple of strokes in her pussy or just after she puts my cock in her mouth. She has a lot of laughs because of that, I hear that I am a pussy husband and that she married a loser. My wife loves to provoke the situations in which she can humiliate me and show me that I’m not a man anymore. The more submissive and more pitiful I am, the more her lovers turns her on. She loves to feel the difference between marital sex and the fucking with her lovers or other guys. You can’t say if something satisfies you, when you don’t have the comparison. Is that true dear ladies?

I wonder who will put a baby in my wife? Will it be someone I know personally, her coworker or some stranger? One thing is sure, that I will raise that child and will be a great father.
I just can’t wait when it will happen. It will crown our relationship as a cuckold marriage.

The important thing as a guy is to know that he is able to fully sexually satisfy his woman. Being a cuckold means that you accept the fact that other men can please your wife and most probably, they will do it much better…

Many guys cheated on their wives and girlfriends with my wife. They dumped their sperm into my wife instead of in their significant ones. My wife loves sex with married men, the feeling that she’s a way better than their spouses… Just like many of them are better lovers for my wife than I am… That seems fair.

I feel so excited when I realize, that every time my wife is fucked by the other guys, she may get pregnant. My wife prefers only condoms, no other birth control…
Every time she fucks I hope that the guy will knock her up. She knows that I dream about it… She has the most pathetic husband the wife can have: a lame lover that won’t be the biological father of the child he will be raising.

Think of it: a procreation is pleasant because the nature wants the animals to do it and have an offspring; a sugar is sweet and we find it pleasant because the nature gives by it a sign that we should eat it because it gives us an energy; we feel pain when we touch the fire because the nature wants to warn us so we don’t get hurt.
And what about cuckolding? Why the thoughts of wife having sex with an another man turns us, the cuckolds, on? Because the nature wants us to raise children that aren’t genetically ours. There’s a lot more men on the Earth that have a bad genes and a little with the best. So, that’s why the nature wants to spread their best genes. They just wouldn’t be able to raise that number of children themselves. That’s why we, the cuckolds, are so important.

According to the Wikipedia:
“The word cuckold derives from the cuckoobird, alluding to its habit of laying its eggs in other birds’ nests.”
As for the cuckolds it should be clear and understandable that nature prepared us to raise genetically not our own children. All the things that turns us on in the cuckolding, our wifes’ cheating and stories about their ex’es are about to prepare us for our role as the fathers for the someone else’s (genetically) children. Accept it as I did. The natural selection nowadays is disturbed by the society rules and behaviors. We should be wiser than that and play the role we have been created. Nature found it’s way to include variety and repair the sick and unnatural partners selection that people do, which is based more on the feelings to the other man nor a good for a child. We have to throw away the conventions and let our fate happen. We are the betas and the cuckolds, but we are very much needed. Our role is very important.

One of the followers gave me an idea of serving my wife and her bull as an urinal, so they wouldn’t have to leave the bed if they want to piss. I would drink my wife’s piss and so her bull’s, just from his thick cock. After such night my belly would be full of their urine and my balls full of my weak sperm.

It’s so hard to explain what I feel when my wife is having sex with someone else. Sometimes I know for sure that it will begin in a few minutes (like the last time, when she texted me “I’m dancing with a guy from Germany. I’m going with him to the beach by the rocks” and after 15 minutes she had his cock in her mouth), sometimes I know that she is going out to the club and it may end with sex (if she will find someone attractive)  and there are planned dates, on which I know who will she meet, when and where it will happen.
The hardest, but the most exciting, is the time, when I know that she is cheating on me AT THE MOMENT. I know that she doesn’t think about me at then and I feel like she left me for that period of time. It’s a feeling similar to that like she would break up with me for another guy… When I’m sitting and being aware that it is happening NOW, I just don’t know what to do. I feel PANIC, anger, jealousy and being so helpless, so powerless and weak… My heart wants to jump out of my chest and I feel a heat pumping through my neck to the brain. I don’t know why I feel panic, but it’s very intensive feeling. On one hand I pray that it ends, with her calling me and telling “we are done” and on the other hand, I wish it last as long as possible, so the guy could fuck her good.
Someone asked me lately, if I will get use to it? I wish it won’t happen… It’s the greatest mix of feelings that a cuckold can have thanks to his hotwife.

There’s no better proof that the other men appreciate your wife than knowing that they fucked her

I want everyone know how sissy husband I am. She will tell it to her lovers and the gossip will do the rest…


at the moment

someone is fucking your wife, seconds flow like hours. It’s the most frustrating and stressful time and you wish it would end. You know that the other man is now in the control and he will do with your wife whatever he wants. And she doesn’t think of you in that moment, she is fully owned by him. There’s no place for you, when they are fucking. No place for the three. Just the two of them: your wife and the man who owns her.

Sex is just a pretending of nature’s procreation act. Cheating is not all about just pleasure, deep inside her subconscious she wants his baby. It’s just we, people,  as the intelligent creatures, fool ourselves that sex is just for fun. No, it isn’t. Women select the best males for giving them the baby and the other men to raise them. My wife for example, doesn’t want me to penetrate her often, but prefers to give me blowjobs. Her

subconscious stops her to let me put my seed in her. It’s not good enough… But with the newly met guys, she wants to be penetrated every time. She sees in me a good provider but not a stud, the male, which can give her his potent and valuable sperm.  

I thought lately that cum denial makes my sex life more intensive and helps me to serve better to my wife. Most men, who don’t cum, are getting the level of testosterone that makes them aggressive and more dominant. Cucky husband like me is different. The longer period of denial makes me more submissive and I can reach really pathetic levels. But my wife likes to have such a submissive puppy at home. Puppies lick good, but you don’t have sex with them. Sex is with the Bulls.

I’m away from home. My wife texted me today:
“I found out my new hotwife challange for my next vacation: every day I will be fucked by another guy”.
She’s getting sluttier every day.

An international sex exchange

Kitty told her friend that she regrets not giving the guys, who fucked her in Greece, her phone number.

“One weekend I would go to Germany to that guy and let him fuck me and then I would invite him to Poland to do the same. Then I would repeat that with Rick from Holland!” – she told her – “…that would be a great international exchange 🙂 “.

My view in the morning 🙂

…some guys may find her like this in the morning after the night full of sex with her.

My wife took a selfie after fucking with the guy from Holland

My wife took a selfie with the guy from Holland that fucked her with his big cock on the rocks near the beach. The pics of her above I took the day she returned from the vacation. These were the tits that he was licking and enjoying while fucking her from behind.


Scandinavians for my wife and her two slutty friends 🙂

This is the swimsuit that my wife bought for the vacation in Greece.

She is on the place right now, and texted me:

“There’s an apartment next to our room in which lives 6 Scandinavians”

“How do you know there’s 6 of them?” – I wrote.

“We have counted them, there will be two for each of us!” – she wrote back.

The best male to impregnate my wife

I’m so jealous about all those hot, muscular, handsome guys… They fuck more women in a week than me in my entire life! It’s so easy for them to pick my wife and fuck her. They take my wife and they doesn’t even bother if she is married or not. They do, what the alpha males do: fuck and impregnate. My wife is so enchanted by those men and she compares me with them… but, to be honest, there’s nothing to compare… how you can compare a real, full-blood stallion to a wimpy donkey?…

I told my wife, that If she will decide to have a baby, she don’t has to give me the honor to impregnate her. She should take care of her needs and pick the best option to get seeded by the best man she chooses. I love her and this will be our baby, no matter who will be the biological father.