Thursday, October 25, 2018

A torture tool, that is what I see on this pic. That is my wife’s pussy. 

I see and lick it almost every day. I taste her juices, smell its beautiful scent full of her pheromones. Sometimes I can feel the taste of another cock on it or the synthetic taste of a condom and lubricants after she returns from her dates.

 Sometimes it smells and tastes very intensive after a whole day as she asks me to lick her right after she returns home from work. I love to lick her and have my tongue and face sprayed as she squirts while climaxing. 

I adore the feeling that other men also lick her cunt and penetrate her for their pleasure. I love the thought that I am one of the many to have access to my wife’s pussy and have no privileges on that. 

I am a tool for giving her oral pleasures and I have to try very hard, because she can give it up and start masturbate only by herself. It happens more often that she starts to masturbate after I give her oral pleasure. Some time ago she got bored with sex with me, now she starts to get bored with my oral services… I work on it and try to be the best pussy licker for her but I don’t if I can do it. Time will tell…

Why her pussy is a torture for me? Just imagine that you see it, lick it and smell it every day and you are not allowed to penetrate it. Imagine, that you are not allowed to cum either. That is a torture. Sweet, delightful and hot as fuck, but a torture.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Denying me sex by my wife is very humiliating for me as for her husband, especially that she has it with other men. But sometimes having a sex gives me more shame than staying with my balls full… 

Last weekend my wife was in a great mood. She let me lick her pussy, then she let me see as she masturbates having my face very close to her cunt. She climaxed and squirted all over my face. I was trying to catch the fountain of squirt into my mouth and it was delicious. Then she said something that I didn’t expect: 

“Put a condom on!”

I thought that I’m in heaven! It was really going to happen, she would let me fuck her!

I put the condom on, she was on her back looking at me. She put her legs on my shoulders and I pushed my cock inside her. It was such a tight, wet and warm feeling… I was so thankful and felt breezes of pleasure bursting on me as my cock was doing first move deep inside her.

She moaned and looked at me with a pity. I paused on my first move inside her pussy as she started asking me:

“Is my little doggie so horny that it can’t stand the pleasure? Is my little boy  going to spurt like a teenage loser? Is that what is going to happen now?” – she was looking straight in my eyes saying that.

It was too much for me… I felt so disgraced and suddenly a wave of pleasure ran through my body and I couldn’t stop it. My balls thrown a huge load into my wife… Just one move in her pussy was enough to end that amazing adventure that I was hoping it could last a couple of hours… Such a shame… I thought I was going to cry… She pushed me back hard and my cock popped out off her cunt, slapping around with the loose condom filled with my sperm.

“I knew it would happen! Two moves and the sack is dry! Oh, I’m sorry, one move was enough for you! You are really pathetic… You can’t compete with any guy that fucked me!” – she said it to me with her low, calm and dominant voice. Then she added:

“Now take that condom off, go to the bathroom and wash that useless thing you call a cock!” – she told me and covered herself with quilt.

I did as she ordered and got back to our bedroom. I slipped into the bed and cuddled to her. She turned to me, smiled and said:

“I love the loser you are… Sex with you is such different from those I have with my lovers. You have given me a lot of fun tonight… I love you”

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sometimes my wife’s cunt is so sore after a night with a guy, that she even doesn’t lets me to lick her. It just hurt her too much. That was the day after she has been fucked by a guy from Germany who had taken her to a hotel and was fucking her for about four hours. Or after she had came home from the vacation on which another guy from Germany fucked and abused her by the rocks on a beach. There are a lot of examples, but one thing is sure: she loved every of that events.
Yesterday evening we were relaxing and cuddling. Suddenly my wife started to mention the most harcore and intensive fucks she ever had. I thought that my little cock will explode because of the things my ears have heard… She had a lot of fun seeing me horny and hurt at the same moment, pathetic as usual. As pathetic as she likes me the most.

I mentioned today with my wife, a situation in which she didn’t let me lick her pussy after hard and long intercourse with H.A. (I wrote about it in this post). Her cunt was so sore that even licking hurt her… That guy really destroyed her vagina… She loved that.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

I took those pictures of my wife’s pussy just before she went on vacation. She was sitting on the sofa and talking about guys she will fuck in Hersonissos. Look how her cunt became swollen because of that thoughts 🙂

Peter, my wife’s regular lover, called her today to confirm tomorrow meeting with her. He told her that her will be at our home at 8:00 PM CET. 

As you know, I’m away from home until Friday. This will be his first visit at our home. My wife is so excited, she wants to put a sexy lingerie and high heels for him. She will also prepare her ass so he could fuck her anally. She wants to ensure him, that she is HIS lover. 

I begged her today, if she could verbalize to him, that “she is his lover” and that’s not just occasional fucking. She wants to talk with him before and then begin the action. If Peter will feel comfortable in our home, he will fuck her regularly, once or twice a week in our marital bed.

I wonder what kind of sex my wife will have tomorrow: if it will be a hard, rough sex or a love making? I hope that it will be the second option.

My wife was fucked  last Friday, 18th of May

Her coworker was fucking her from 5:00 PM until 6:12 PM in his car. I post here the pics that I took her just after she came home from the date. She lays in exactly the same position as he was fucking her 🙂 Look at the swollen cunt of her, just after being fucked hard by her lover…

But let’s start from the beginning:

He arrived at my wife’s office at 4:40 PM. My wife got into his car and they greeted each other by a kiss in the cheek.

“I’m so sorry to say that, but I don’t have much time today. I wanted to see you very much. I don’t know what we can do, so I thought that we could take a walk together” – he said.

He drove her to a nearby park by a little lake (it was the same place like last time). At 5:00 PM they were on place.

“So… maybe we will take a walk?” – he proposed, but my wife showed him her high heels and said “Really?? You want me to take a walk with you in that shoes? I don’t want to walk.”

“…I feel so good with you, because you have so open approach to ‘that things’ ” – he said.

“OK, let me said it straight: don’t use the words like ‘that things’ or ‘let’s take a walk’ with me. If you want to fuck me, just call me and say that you want to fuck me. It will be easier. I can’t stand that you are so stressed. And by the way, my husband asked me to thank you for the good fucking you gave me last time.” – my wife said.

“Did you really told to you husband that we were fucking? He really knows about it?” – he was shocked. “I haven’t lied when I told you that” – my wife replied.

They started to kiss and he was touching her leg. Then they moved to backseat.He quickly pulled off my wife’s pants and started to lick her pussy. It was a long licking but my wife didn’t cummed. After a while she pushed him off, pulled down his pants and started doing him a blowjob. He wasn’t rock hard…

My wife was sucking his cock very long. She was licking his balls and suddenly she jumped on him and put his cock inside her pussy without condom.

He was shocked.

“Oh my! Oh my!” – he said thrilled – “are you on pill?”

“No, I’m not” – my wife said. It were her fertile days – “Don’t cum too early! Isn’t it great to feel a pussy without a condom from time to time?”

“Yes, I love it, but it turns me on so much that I can cum in three minutes or even faster!” – he replied.

My wife pulled his cock and started to suck it. After a moment he pulled her head and kissed her deeply. Then he took a condom and put it on his cock. He did it incorrectly and the condom broke (the condom on the picture is that broken one – my wife took it and hid in her bag for me).

He had only one condom, so my wife gave him one of hers. “I’m always prepared” – my wife proudly said.

She lay on her back and he started to fuck her. My wife cummed in short time, but it wasn’t an intensive orgasm 🙁

He pulled off the condom and my wife started to suck his cock once more. He cummed in my wife’s mouth. She swallowed it all. His sperm was a little bit sour that day. He started to apologise that he spurted into my wife’s mouth.

“Listen, I know what may happed when I give a blowjob. And have to tell you something: I LIKE IT. I love to swallow cum” – my wife said to him.

As it appeared, my wife was the first woman in his life, who swallowed his cum 🙂

Some of you may wonder why my wife lets her lovers to treat her like an object? I also take it as something that degrades and disgraces her, but..  she loves it. The more the guy treats her as a fuckmeat the more she likes it.

Last Sunday on the after-party, when my wife was fucked by the guy at her friend’s apartment, everyone knew what was going on when she and that guy disappeared in one of the rooms… She told me that all the guests were looking at her with disrespect… They all knew that my wife is married and she cheated on me with the guy, who has a fiancee.

April 12, 2018:

My wife returned home after today’s date. She told me that the guy (the consultant) is very intelligent and is a little cheeky asshole, what made her pussy wet 🙂 They don’t even kissed but the sex was in the air and he asked her for a second date.
She told me that, the next time the date will end up in a hotel room 😉

April 12 at 6 PM my wife is going to have a first date with the consultant she met three weeks ago. He invited her for a coffee, but she has no idea how it will end. One option is that it will be only a coffee and next time they will have a date with drinks and sex. Second option is that this guy may be so self confident that he will propose her sex on the first date (for what my wife hopes for!).

Today the whole evening she was telling me about that guy, how hot he is and how she wants him to fuck her (she wants him to push hard her head down the bed and fuck her from behind). I told her that I can fuck her like that, but she said: “You are my hubby, you’ll never be able to fuck me that hard”

“I hope I’ll be lucky tomorrow and someone will fuck me” – my wife said while we were in our car. She is going tomorrow to the club with her best, slutty friends.
Maybe if she will be fucked, I’ll be lucky too and she will let me cum? I haven’t ejaculated for more than month. My wife said that she will allow me to empty my balls after someone else empties his balls in her… I think that’s a fair deal for a sissy husband like me…

My wife came from the shop today. I got on my knees and started to take off her shoes as usual. She looked and whistled at me like for a dog. I looked up and she spoke:

“I need to buy you a dog’s collar and leash. You’ll have to wear it whenever I feel like you to do it.”

She likes to treat me as her doggie. Do I like it? It’s not important what I like, but I must say that I love whatever she likes to do with me.

“How do you find our sex life?” – I asked my wife.
“It’s a usual marriage sex, it’s nice” – she replied.
“Does it turns you on?”
“It’s more a form of tenderness, what people who love eachother do. You know that the sex I like has to be hard and violent and I didn’t have it with you. But that’s why we agreed that I can cheat on you”.
My wife isn’t the one who likes to be treated gently. She wants to feel that a real man takes her, a masculine male, who can totally dominate her and use her like slut.

“Soon he will be making love to you” – I said to my wife, hugging her on the bed.
“It will be rather plowing of my cunt until it will be totally sore! He will be fucking me and slapping me like the whore I am. There won’t be even a grain of delicacy! Don’t be silly, it will be our first time! It just can’t be only “a making love”“ – she replied, laughing at me.

I have never thought that I will be with a woman who states so definitely that I am not allowed to think that I have some exclusive rights to her body. When she allows me, I can make love to her, but I have to understand that she shares her body with other men. 

She agreed that she is going to tell me every time, when and with whom she cheats on me, but in exchange, I don’t have the right for an objection. If I would become too possessive, she is going to stop inform me about her lovers and start to fuck with them behind my back. 

There is no way that she would be faithful to me, she said that once to me. She would rather divorce with me than stay faithful. This is her nature and I knew that from our second date, so I don’t have the right to complain. In fact, I enjoy that very much.

Cuckolding is a one way road. Once you step that path, you’ll never feel your wife’s pussy the same as it was before… if only she will let you penetrate her again…
My wife lets me fuck her very occasionally, honestly, I can’t remember right now what it’s like to feel her pussy…

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See my wife rubbing her cheating cunt as she fantasizes about her lover!

Here’s the link:

“I want someone to fuck me hard from behind, to feel, as his hips slaps my ass and to feel my cunt stretching by his cock…” – my wife told me today. She’s ovulating, for sure.

One guy fucked my wife on her vacation, on the beach by the rocks. He gave her the best sex of her life, humiliating her and fucking her hard from behind. She often mentions that and shows me, with her hands, how loud and intensive his balls were slapping her pussy while he was fucking her… She knows perfectly how to humiliate and hurt me, without saying a word…